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Wine Storage Facilities for Serious Wine Collectors

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Wine collecting is an expensive hobby. And to make sure your investments are taken care of, wines have to be stored properly. This goes especially for very old wine. The humidity and temperature have to be regulated so the wine is able to age properly.  Improper storage could affect the flavor and color of the wine.

Wine storage is a facility that offers wine storage to wine collectors. These services are perfect for wine collectors that do not have enough room to store their wine collection.

Benefits of Hiring a Wine Storage Service

Consistent Temps

Wine storage facilities feature dedicated wine cellars wherein temperature and humidity are controlled.  This way, the quality of the wine is not damaged by unstable temperature. The storage area features a consistent temperature to allow the wine to mature. An average home is susceptible to vibrations. Although the vibrations are harmless, they can destroy the quality of a good wine. The vibrations, light, and certain odors can change the way the wine tastes. This is the reason why most wine cellars are closed and far away from odors, light, and vibration sources.

Again, a wine storage must feature the right temperature and humidity level. For red wine, the ideal temp for storage is about 55 degrees. On the other hand, white wine can be stored at slightly lower temperature. You do not want to expose the wine to high heat because the temperature will speed up the aging process of the spirit.

Perfect Aging Conditions

A good wine must be left to age properly to achieve its distinct flavors. And the conditions have to be right to mature fine wine. Most wines are best consumed a few years after their release. If you are storing your wine for long-term, then you need a storage facility that can offer the perfect aging conditions for your investment. The humidity has to be precise to prevent the cork from drying out. If the cork dries out, the oxygen will seep into the wine bottle, causing oxidation. This will ruin the flavor of the wine. To maintain the quality of the wine, the humidity must keep the cork nice and moist.

Too much light could affect the quality of the wine. In fact, exposing wine bottles to fluorescent light changes the taste of the wine. Excessive vibration causes the wine sediments to redistribute incorrectly. This too will affect the taste and maturation process of the spirit.

A trusted wine storage facility ensures that the storage conditions remain cool, dark, and constant. The wine bottles are protected from heat and humidity that could change the taste of the wine. These facilities ensure that your wine will be perfectly aged so you can enjoy it in the future.

Dedicated Staff

A single wine storage facility houses hundreds of wine bottles. Each one is carefully looked after by dedicated staff to ensure proper maturation. When you turn your wine collection over to a reputable wine storage service, you know your investment is protected and looked after.

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