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Why Choose Stucco for Your Home’s Exterior

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

The kind of molding you choose can affect the durability of your home, the overall structural design, and even your energy bill.

Stucco is one of the most popular moldings in architectural decorations. And for good reasons! Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, stucco is very easy to install and even easier to maintain. In today’s post, we are giving you reasons why you should choose stucco as your siding of choice:

Suits Most Designs

Stucco is a very flexible siding material. Depending on your preferred texture, you can use stucco to create a heavily textured surface, pebbled, raked and even smooth surface. Because stucco is very easy to work with, you can use the material as architectural décor or as a dynamic accent to modern and traditional homes alike.

Customized Shades

Are you going for a specific color scheme? Stucco makes it easier to create an extensive range of color options. You can ask your contractor to mix pigments directly into the solution or experiment with certain shades on your own. Either way, you will have a customized shade that suits your home perfectly. Although stucco does not require painting over time, you can always repaint it if you’re ready for a change.

It’s Durable

Looking for the most durable siding for your home? Stucco is one of the most hard-wearing siding choices in the market. In fact, a professionally-done application can last for over 50 years. Stucco is able to adjust to the changing temps by contracting and expanding. This reduces the development of cracks, dents or crumbling.

Apart from being resistant to cracks, stucco is also resistant to earthquakes, fire, decay, and water damage. It’s also energy efficient and incredibly low maintenance.

Boost Home Value

Stucco improves your home’s curb appeal, increasing its value when you want to sell your home. A house with stucco sidings could add thousands of dollars to its market value! It can improve your home insurance premiums too. Because stucco is so durable, it’s resistant to natural disasters. It also costs less to maintain than other sidings, lowering your home insurance premiums.

Lower Utility Bills

We’ve mentioned that the kind of siding you use for your home can affect your monthly energy bill. How? Sidings can improve a structure’s insulation efficiency. Stucco siding regulates the temperature within the home, making it energy efficient. Choosing stucco siding may help reduce heating bills and energy bills.

Easy to Install

Stucco is so easy to install, even DIY-ers can develop their own sidings on their own! The process of installing stucco sidings is fairly quick and straightforward. It’s not unusual to finish a job in just a day or two, – and that includes drying time!

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Unlike other architectural sidings, stucco is incredibly decay, mildew and mold resistant. That’s because the material does not flake, crack or crumble easily. This makes stucco an ideal siding in humid or moist climates. While most sidings succumb to decay after a couple of years when exposed to a humid environment, stucco will last for decades to come.

Low Maintenance

Even in very harsh climates, stucco requires very minimal maintenance. You can do spot cleaning to remove stains on certain areas of the siding. You can also hire a professional for a yearly power washing too. Finally, you can always paint over the home’s exterior if you want to change the color scheme.

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