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What are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Underfloor heating is a form of central heating system that utilizes radiant heat to boost thermal comfort. This type of central heating system is an excellent alternative to traditional radiators, boiler, or hot-air heating systems. Although hardly new, underfloor heating system is not as popular as traditional heating systems. In today’s post, we are giving you top reasons why you should consider opting for this type of thermal heating system:

Radiant Heating

What’s so good about radiant heating and is it really better than conventional heating? Unlike conventional heating, radiant heating regulates the heat of every object in the room for optimal thermal comfort. On the other hand, conventional heating just blasts warm air into a space. Think of it this way, conventional heating is much like standing outside on an icy ground with your face hitting the sun. The sun warms up your face, but not the whole body. Radiant heating warms up every object in the room so the whole body stays nice and toasty.


Unlike conventional heating systems, underfloor heating can be combined with heat pumps to achieve the desired results. The heat is concentrated and dispersed evenly, creating a warm, cozy living space. Underfloor heating works better in terms of maximizing the efficiency of heat pumps. Installing underfloor heating with heat pumps will boost the energy efficiency of your home.

Low Maintenance

An underfloor heating system has no moving parts at all. This makes the heating system low maintenance and efficient compared to traditional heating systems. There is no pressure in the pumps to worry about or leaks to repair. The underfloor heating system requires very little maintenance so you will save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Optimal Thermal Comfort

The underfloor heating system is all about providing even heating. The heat is literally emanating on the whole floor area of your living space. On the other hand, conventional radiators radiate heat in just a single point in the room. This causes uneven heat. Some spots in the house could be warm, others are chilly. You won’t deal with this issue when you opt for underfloor heating.

Compact and Silent

Compared to conventional heaters, the underfloor heating system is meant to work in the background silently. You do not have to sacrifice prime space in your home to make room for the system. The system is installed under the floors. It is quiet and out of sight. No space is lost if you opt for underfloor heating.

Flexible Controls

Conventional heating systems are controlled with a single thermostat. This makes the system less flexible in terms of controlling heat. The same thing cannot be said with an underfloor heating system. The system features different controls to achieve the desired temperature. Even better, there is no energy wasted as you control the system!


Indeed, an underfloor heating system is much safer than traditional convection heaters. There is less risk of injuries if you have little kids or pets in the home because the system is out of sight. There is no worry about curious pets and kids being burned because an underfloor heating system does not come with protruding mechanisms.

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