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What are the Advantages of LED Strip Lighting

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

LED strip light – also known as ribbon light or LED tape – is a type of flexible light with an adhesive backing. The strip features mounted light-emitting diodes wrapped in silicone cover. LED strip light can be used in various applications such as an accent light, task light or as a decorative lighting solution. It can be used commercially and in residential homes too. Below are the benefits of using LED strip lights:

Energy Efficient

LED strip light is incredibly energy efficient! Traditional lighting doesn’t just suck up more energy, it also heats up the room. This leads to wasted energy, which is translated in your electric bill! LED strip light is at least 95% efficient than a regular light bulb. It will light up any room without emitting heat. If you want to establish an energy-efficient home, consider using LED strip lights and LED-based light bulbs instead of incandescent lights.

Literally and Figuratively Flexible

LED strip lights are extremely flexible. You can use it in a wide range of applications: in the office, in the home, as decorations, and so much more. The LED strip light provides subtle or bright illumination, depending on the level of illumination you need!

The lights are literally flexible, allowing the strip to conform to any shape you like. This unique feature works well if you are organizing a special event. You can mount the strip anywhere or use it as emergency lights too!

Sets the Mood

Studies show that LED lighting eases symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or SAD. The cool white light set the mood of any place, allowing workers to become comfortable and productive. In a household setting, LED lighting does more than just lower utility costs. It also improves mood and boost happiness in the household.


LED lighting is very eco-friendly. Unlike fluorescent lights and incandescent lights, LED lighting does not contain toxic chemical that could harm the environment. LED strip lights are also 100% recyclable, which could contribute to a reduction of your carbon footprint.

Better Light Distribution

Because LEDs require less light usage, this translates to better light distribution. The bulb emits light in every direction. It even illuminates areas where lighting is not required. As such, you will need less LED strip lights to illuminate a certain room.


LED strip lights are one of the most durable lighting solutions there are. This lighting can withstand extreme weather conditions including harsh winds and bitter winters. LED strip lights are even durable enough to withstand earthquake and tsunamis! That’s why outdoorsmen rely on LED lighting for illumination.

Longer Life Span

LED strip lights provide years of use. You don’t have to spend more on light bulbs because LEDs are extremely durable and dependable. The LED diodes have an average life expectancy of 100,000 hours. That’s 11 years of continuous use, which is six months longer than average lighting. LED strip lights are practical and economical because they help homeowners and business owners cut cost and save more on utility bills.

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