Types of Garage Door Styles to Choose From

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Finding the right garage door for your home starts at learning all the different styles and materials to choose from. To narrow down your options, we are listing down some of the most popular types and styles of garage doors available on the market right now:

Canopy Up and Over

By far the most popular of all garage styles, the canopy up and over style opens upwards to create a “canopy.” A torsion spring is fitted above the garage door panel to lift the cover using steel cables and conical drums melded at the tip of each spring. This type of garage door is perfect for larger garages. Some models also come with a remote control for convenience. However, converting a manual canopy up and over garage door into a remote control type could be troublesome.

Retractable Up and Over

A retractable up and cover garage door style feature side mounted lifting arms with tension springs attached to the door panel. These fittings allow the door panel to open the garage through the horizontal steel runners. Rollers are fitted at opposing corners to support the door panel. This style can be converted to remote control fairly easily. It is also very durable.

A variation of this style is the Retractable+ up and over. Retractable and the Retractable+ are very similar. The only difference is that the latter has lifting arms fitted higher on the door panel, giving cars full drive through width for the vehicle’s wing mirrors.

Sectional Garage Door

This popular garage store style offers better security and efficient insulation. The design allows the door to open smoothly. Because it does not swing out, sectional garage door does not take up much space when it opens. Just like the retractable model, the sectional garage door can be converted to remote control operation very easily.

Roller Shutter Door

The roller shutter garage door is a classic design that does not swing out during operation. Slats are used to create the garage door’s “curtain.” The size of the roll, when opened, will depend on the depth of the slats. This garage door style requires maximum headroom especially when it is in operation. As such, this style is best for larger garages. Roller shutter garage doors come in either manual or remote control operation. However, most models are motorized for convenience.

Round The Corner

Round the corner is perhaps the oldest garage door types in the market. This design is usually made from timber that slides all the way back then curving around. Round the corner garage doors are best for spaces with larger door sizes. Contemporary designs now come in aluminum, steel slats, and galvanized steel. The doors can be operated manually or through a remote control. This design is perfect for garage doors with no space for swing-type garage doors.

Side Hinged

Side hinged garage door is available in glass reinforced polyester or GRP, steel, timber and UPVC. This model provides better insulation and excellent security. The door works by hinging outwards on a steel or wooden subframe. However, some models can hinge inwards when in operation.


This garage door system utilizes the method of counterbalancing the door panel weight with weights fitted on either side of the door lifting the panels. The panels are made from heavy duty hardwood material.

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