Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Problems

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Every now and then, the air conditioner will conk out and stop working. But before you call in the professionals to fix the problem, troubleshoot the issue on your own. Minor AC problems are surprisingly easy to fix. In today’s post, we are giving you repair tips on common AC issues:

AC won’t Turn On

If the AC won’t power on, you’ll have to inspect the unit from the outside to see if the condenser is running. Check if the unit is plugged in or if the thermostat is set properly. Try adjusting the thermostat by 5 to 10 degrees and then power on the unit. Some AC thermostat is very tricky to set. It pays to check the AC’s manual first to resolve the issue.

If say, the issue was not solved by these quick fixes, check the unit for blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Some ACs won’t power on if the coil is frozen or the compressor or motor is malfunctioning. If these are the cause of the problem, then you may call a professional technician to make repairs.

AC won’t Blow Cool Air

What if the AC turns on but it’s not blowing out cool air? Inspect the thermostat if it’s in the right setting. Make adjustments accordingly. If the thermostat is set right but the unit does not blow cool air, the condenser may be blocked or dirty.

At this point, you have to go outside to check and clean the unit. Remove any debris from the condenser that’s blocking air circulation. Now check if the filter is clean. A dirty AC filter restricts air flow within the evaporator coil, freezing it so it does not produce cool air. If you have a pet or you use your AC frequently, you need to replace the filter regularly.

If none of these quick fixes worked, then the problem could be the compressor or the refrigerant. At this point, let the professionals handle the problem.

The AC can’t Cool the Whole Room

If the AC is unable to cool the whole room from the get-go, then the unit is not sized appropriately for the job. You’ll need a more powerful AC to cool the whole room. The unit should be able to maintain a 20-25 degree difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature even on a summer day. If the AC can’t keep up on a summer day, you might’ve gotten the wrong unit size for the room.

If say, it’s a normal day and your air conditioner suddenly can’t cool the room then the problem could be a frozen or charged evaporator coil. Check if there’s icing on the outdoor unit. If it does, shut the AC off and call a professional. Usually, the evaporator coil should be replaced or repaired by a technician to solve the issue.

Important Factor to Consider

Most AC problems are caused by poor maintenance. To save yourself money on repairs, make it a point to clean your AC regularly. Ideally, you want your AC to be cleaned by a professional every year. You can call your local maintenance service to develop the right care plans for your AC.

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