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The Pros and Cons of Rattan Furniture

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Rattan refers to the 600 palm species that are native to Africa, Asia and Australasia. Rattan is the fiber of the palm tree processed as a furniture material, handicrafts, and shelter material. As furniture material, rattan is sustainable, durable, and stylish. Rattan furniture is often used in outdoors, in gardens, patio, etc. Rattan furniture is also affordable, lightweight, and practical. And if you are wondering what the pros and cons of rattan furniture are, continue reading below:

Pros of Rattan Furniture


You’d be surprised how resistant to daily abuses rattan is! Although rattan is lightweight and made with natural fibers, the furniture is very resilient to everyday use. In fact, furniture made with rattan can last much longer than furniture made from wood or contemporary pieces covered in leather or fabric.

Versatile Appearance

Rattan furniture is not only durable; it also sports a classic look that makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Regardless if the wicker features its natural color, tinted or lacquered, rattan furniture will blend seamlessly with any décor or color scheme in the home. Rattan furniture in basic colors will also complement your flooring, rugs, and carpets.

Rattan furniture has a distinct, Victorian-era design that is both classic and modern. You can use rattan furniture in sunrooms, in the living room and even in the bathroom. You can bet that rattan furniture will give your living space a touch of élan.

Resilient to Harsh Climate

Yes, rattan fibers are so durable; they can withstand severe heat and the bitter cold. Wicker is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. All-weather synthetic wicker is exceptionally hardy. Rattan furniture is resistant to everyday wear and tear but make sure the material is not soaked in water. Always keep rattan furniture away from rain or water to increase its life span.

Cons of Rattan Furniture

Less Comfortable

Because rattan fiber is typically hardy, the furniture itself does not provide enough “give” to be comfortable. Sitting on a bare rattan chair for longer periods of time can get uncomfortable unless the chair has cushions or pillows. That said, wicker furniture is more comfortable compared to solid wood furniture. To keep the furniture comfortable (and stylish!), just add colorful cushions.


Rattan furniture is more expensive than conventional wood or plastic furniture because each piece is painstakingly made by hand. Workers treat and process every plant fiber to make the furniture. Local artisans weave the plant fibers for days to create a single chair. The work that goes through every piece of furniture is labor-intensive so the final product is pricier than any mass-produced furniture.

Loose Fibers

High-quality rattan furniture is very well constructed but prolonged use could loosen the natural fibers over time. The loose fibers could poke anyone who sits on the chair or the handles. The issue could also affect the design of the furniture itself. If the rattan fibers become loose, you can take it to your local furniture shop for a quick repair. You can do the repairs yourself too! To make sure those who sit on the chair won’t get poked, always add cushions.

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