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The Benefits of Using Fire Pit Glass

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Burning wood is impractical because of the mess, the pollution and the constant killing of trees. Using wood in any shape or form isn’t sustainable at all. These days, you don’t need to burn wood in order to keep you warm all winter long. Fire pit glass makes an excellent and safer alternative to wood burning.

What is Fire Pit Glass?

Fire pit glass is made up of pebble-sized pieces of tempered glass that could withstand extreme heat at a prolonged rate. Although the material is able to sustain heat, it does not generate smoke and it’s eco-friendly too. Even better, fire pit glass comes in many colors to match your color scheme.

Skeptical over fire pit glass? In today’s post, we are listing down the benefits of replacing wood or coal with fire pit glass to keep the home warm during colder season:

100% Safe for the Health

Emission from wood burning is hazardous to the health. It can cause air pollution and trigger respiratory ailments. The same thing can be said for coal. The old ways of burning wood or coal isn’t safe especially if you have kids who suffer from asthma or weak lungs. With fire pit glass, there is no ash, no toxic emission, and no issue that could affect the health at all.

The pebble-sized tempered glass is sanded down and rounded. It won’t cause injuries when the glass comes in contact with your loved ones. The glass won’t explode when heated. Fire pit glass lets you enjoy cozy temperature without unwanted emissions. It’s safe for kids and pets alike.

Environmentally Safe

Fire pit glass isn’t just effective in keeping the home cozy and warm, it’s also 100% environmentally safe. It minimizes the use of coal and wood to keep warm. The glass does not emit noxious substances that pollute the air. It does not yield ashes that could pollute the water either. Fire pit glass does not spit out sparks that could cause a house fire.


You no longer need to clean the fireplace or patio pit when you use fire pit glass. Again, the glass does not produce ashes so clean up is a breeze!


Unlike wood or coal that you can only use several times before they turn to ash, fire pit glass can be used many times without replacement. In fact, fire pit glass will last virtually forever. The glass won’t melt or change color. You can use it for as long as you want. Imagine the amount of money you will save on burning materials if you use glass for heat instead of wood.

Low Maintenance

Fire pit glass isn’t just practical, safe and virtually lasts a lifetime, it’s incredibly low maintenance too. If you want to clean the glass, just scoop it out; rinse it with detergent and water. Once the glass is dried, put it back into the fireplace and you are done.


Yes, fire pit glass doubles as a stylish décor too. The glass pebbles come in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. And they don’t look like broken glass when you place it on your fire place or fire pit. The glass will look like a glittering play of light when lit! Simply put, fire pit glass is stylish, modern and practical.

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