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The Benefits of Remodeling the Fireplace

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

The fireplace is one of the coziest spots in the home. It is also the most visible and practical area in your living space so it pays to maintain the fireplace. A well-maintained fireplace does more than warm up the home. It can boost the value of your home, improve comfort, and contribute to the overall design of your living space. And there are so many ways to remodel a fireplace! In today’s post, we are listing down the benefits of fireplace remodeling:

Transform the Fireplace

The fireplace serves as a focal point of the room. The eyes are naturally drawn to the structure so it pays to keep this spot pristine. A fireplace remodeling is one way to do that. Remodeling ensures optimal functionality of the fireplace. You can either change the fireplace into a wood burning or a gas-powered one.

Even something as simple as changing the façade of the fireplace breathes new life into an old space. Just make sure you are working with a reputable contractor to achieve the desired effect.

Improves Fireplace Safety and Efficiency

If your old fireplace is literally burning up extra cash because it requires wood, changing it to a gas-powered one should save you money. Between wood burning and gas-powered fireplaces, the latter requires less maintenance too.

Although a wood-burning fireplace generates ample warmth, it is not as safe as a gas-powered fireplace. A gas-powered fireplace burns a lot cleaner so it is ideal in places wherein air pollution is an issue. You can use the fireplace even without wood for burning. In addition, burning wood in the fireplace is a fire hazard. Sparks could be caught in the surrounding area, increasing the risk of a house fire.

Enhances the Living Space

Remodeling a fireplace is more affordable than your average bathroom or kitchen remodeling. That’s because the remodel can mean so many things. Upgrading the fireplace surrounds will enhance the look of your fireplace. You can also hire a customized woodworking contractor to revamp your old fireplace at very low prices.

If you have the budget for it, why not turn your old brick fireplace into a modern marble one? Marble may be expensive but it lasts practically a lifetime. Opting for this material means less money spent on repairs and maintenance.

Of course, you do not have to make drastic changes in the fireplace area to enhance the living space. Simply adding wall sconces on either side for your fireplace is enough to give your home a relaxed, romantic atmosphere.

Other Factors to Consider

Finding the Right Contractor

It is equally important to hire the right person for the job. Depending on what’s best for your fireplace, you may need to hire different contractors to complete the job. For instance, adding wall sconces requires an electrical contractor while marble has to be installed by a masonry contractor.

Know What You Want

Apart from hiring the right contractor, we recommend checking out different resources (magazines, online pictures, etc.) to determine what look you hope to achieve. Once you have your heart set on a design, discuss your ideas with the contractor.

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