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The Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A radiant heating system is a heating unit hooked directly to the floor or to ceilings and walls to generate heat. A radiant heating system is considered as the ultimate form of thermal heating! And if you are wondering what the pros and cons of a radiant heating system are, consider these tips:

Benefits of a Radiant Heating System

Intuitive Indoor Heating

Homes with a radiant heating system installed have an interior environment that is ideal to human thermal comfort. The system gently warms every object in the room and the air itself. Conventional heating systems only warm the air, not the entire space. Because of even heating, the radiant heating system reduces the rate of heat loss, allowing occupants to enjoy the ideal room temperature that is lower than other methods of heating.

In addition, the air temperature at floor level is slightly higher compared to the average room temperature. The floor temperature reduces heat loss from feet and legs of occupants. Do note that the air temperature starts to decrease several feet above the floor. With a radiant heating system, an even temperature is maintained to reduce heat loss. The result? Lower utility costs! Radiant heating systems are perfect for cold areas that get a lot of snow.

Sleek, Out of Sight

Unlike a radiator heater, you never have to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort ever again! Radiator heaters are not only an eyesore, they also occupy more space. These devices are bulky and sometimes noisy. On the other hand, a radiant heating system works only in the background. The unit is out of sight and quiet. The radiant heating system is installed under floor surfaces so it does not disturb the space nor restrict furniture placement. The radiant heating system works just as efficiently as a conventional heating system but is much more efficient.

Apart from being a space saver, a radiant heating system works very quietly too. The system has the ability to deliver heat without the noise. With a radiant heating system, you never have to deal with distracting noises or sacrifice space for a radiator or boiler.

Better Air Circulation

Compared to traditional heating systems, a radiant heating system is a very clean system. It does not distribute dust and unwanted debris in a living space. This is a great system for people who suffer from seasonal allergies or those who are afflicted with respiratory problems.


A radiant heating system is a very durable system. In fact, a concrete slab type radiant heating system is virtually indestructible! This is an excellent heating system to provide thermal support to industrial buildings, recreational rooms, basements, and other structures with very high interior traffic.

Energy Efficient

A radiant heating system is incredibly energy efficient. It works effectively to provide the ideal thermal heating without the added costs on your monthly utility bills. This makes the radiant heating system an ideal heating system for residential, commercial and industrial buildings! Studies show that the system can save utility cost by up to 50%. Of course, savings from installing a radiant heating system will depend from home to home.

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