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8 Deadly House Plants

Roses are red, violets are blue, not all house plants, are safe to own. It’s the sad truth that every homeowner should know before planting in their garden or deciding to grow plants indoors. Children and pets get too curious of their environments and are at risk of accidentally eating …

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Best Plants for the Outdoors

Gardens are essential in every home. They are the best stress relievers for busy people! However, gardens need to be attended and if you are a busy person who have no time to really dig around and pull weeds from your garden then you need to think about the kind …

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Decorative Climbing Plants That Grow on Walls

Climbing plants or vines are classified as any plant that has trailing stems, allowing them to climb into walls or any structure. Climbing plants attach themselves to any structure through tendrils, clinging, or wrapping themselves to any structure. However, there are certain types of non-climbing plants that could grow on …

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Four Plants to Deter Cats

Do feral cats made a habit out of wreaking your garden? If stray cats have been causing a problem in your garden, then consider getting plants that repel unwanted visitors. Cats are very devious (not to mention nimble) creatures. No matter how high you try to fence your garden, cats …

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Growing and Caring for Jade Plant

Jade plant or crassula ovata is a type of fleshy, succulent plant. It’s native to South Africa and is often cultivated for decorative purposes. Jade plant is considered lucky in Chinese culture. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as “the money tree.” Jade plant is a type of evergreen with …

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How Music Affects Plant Growth

We are no stranger to the power of music. It has a profound effect on people and animals alike. But can the soothing sound of classical music or the upbeat tempo of rock n’ roll stimulate plants to grow? For decades, scientists have been experimenting with music and plants. Most …

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