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How to Maximize Usable Heat from Your Fireplace

The fireplace generates comforting warmth and adds a comforting ambiance to a living space during the bitter winter. Maximizing the heat from the fireplace is important because 1) firewood is expensive and 2) warm air creates updrafts that suck the warmth out of the room and into the chimney. You …

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Space-Saving Tips for Small Kitchens

Even with very limited space to work with, you can squeeze out every last centimeter out of that small kitchen and make it even more space-efficient! If you love DIY projects then you will love these amazing tips and hacks to maximize the space out of a cramped kitchen: DIY …

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How to Maximize a Cramped Dorm Space

Dorms aren’t exactly known for offering lots of space. And for excited freshmen, a cramped dorm room could dampen their spirit. Before moving out of your parent’s home to live in a dorm, we recommend researching more about your college dorm room. Check the space each room provides and plan …

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8 Design Ideas to Maximize Under-Stair Space

Wondering how to dress up the under-stair area of your home? Some homeowners leave the under-stair area alone for fear of “overcrowding” the space. This isn’t true at all. You’d be surprised how the under stair can add elegance and functionality in your living space. In today’s post, we are …

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Designer Tips to Maximize Space in Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can look spacious by tricking the eye. Because space is limited, you want to maximize every square inch of the bathroom. In today’s post, we are giving you designer tips to create a stylish, spacious bathroom: Installing Shelves Shelves are a great investment for cramped bathrooms. You can …

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