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Popular Home Styles Explained

Developing the house of your dreams? It’s important to create a sound plan before going ahead with the development of the design for your new house. In today’s post, we are walking you through some of the most popular house designs while explaining their most defining characteristics: Colonial Style This …

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Expert Tips on How to Get the Best House Safe

It’s just not safe to stash your valuables in a hidden chest somewhere in the attic anymore. Modern homes use safes to protect their valuables. And so should you! Home safes are a great investment especially if you habitually keep cash or jewelry in your home instead of the bank. …

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8 Deadly House Plants

Roses are red, violets are blue, not all house plants, are safe to own. It’s the sad truth that every homeowner should know before planting in their garden or deciding to grow plants indoors. Children and pets get too curious of their environments and are at risk of accidentally eating …

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Reasons Why Most Texas Homes Have no Basements

Most homes in the South lack basements. And no, this is not an error in design at all. This might strike Northerners as strange because up north, most homes have basements. And when they go to the South, they are confounded by the locals’ preferences for outdoor storage sheds. There …

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Practical Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

From ashes all over the furnace to salt and snow tracks all over the floor, winter season can get really messy and calls for deep cleaning and purging. While it’s common for most homeowners to feel the urge to clean their homes during the spring season, winter’s a great change …

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