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Removing Stubborn Body Oil and Odors from Beddings

Tired of dealing with oil stains on your pillow or body odors emanating from the sheets? Our bodies generate musky body odor and oils when we sleep and these compounds will stain any sheet and pillow. Pillows and pillow cases are usually the first to stain from our natural oils …

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How to Remove Hair Dye Stains on Walls

It’s normal to get unsightly stains on the walls after dyeing your hair at home. While most stains could be easily removed by a good brush and soap, hair dye stains will take more than elbow grease to remove. Now, before walking you through methods to remove such stains, it’s …

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How to Create Your Own Vertical Vegetable Garden

Gardening is an excellent hobby because it’s a great exercise and it makes any home seem even homier. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners have enough room in their property for a garden. This is true especially for those living in urban areas. But don’t let the lack of space …

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7 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

When people talk about air pollution, what usually comes to mind is the smog that pollutes urban cities. It makes sense. In both developed and growing cities, outdoor air is often comprised of industrial exhausts, radiation, accumulated smoke from cars caught in traffic jams, and toxic chemicals. People would rather …

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The Best Types of Wood to Burn in Fire Pits

The best kind of wood for burning will vary according to the purpose of the fire. For instance, some types of wood are best for cooking while others are better at keeping the home warm through a fireplace. When choosing the best kind of firewood, you have to consider the …

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The Basics of Growing Your Own Bonsai Tree

Growing bonsai trees is an ancient art practiced more than a thousand years ago. Although bonsai trees are associated with the Japanese, it’s actually the Chinese who came up with the idea. Growing bonsai trees is part of Zen Buddhism. These days, growing a bonsai tree is more than just …

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Heating Your Home with Portable, Non-Electric Space Heater

Most homeowners rely on heaters to keep their homes nice and toasty during sub-zero temps. But when the power’s out and it’s freezing, that’s when non-electronic space heaters shine. Non-electronic space heaters are remarkable devices. They should be considered when discussing disaster preparedness and survival measures in the event of …

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Top 8 Things to Know Before Buying a Home

Owning a house has always been the American dream. There’s nothing quite like going home to a property you can call your own. Never will you have to worry about monthly rent or moving places. You can finally go to bed peacefully every night, knowing that there will always be …

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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Unsafe?

Memory foam is a type of low-resistance polyurethane foam. It’s different than conventional foam mattresses because of the way the material molds to a person’s body. It also softens in reaction to body heat and distributes weight evenly. The foam is also denser, more flexible. Memory foam products come in …

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