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How To Prevent Molds in Potting Soil

Molds growing in potting soil is fairly common. It’s caused by a harmless type of saprophytic fungus. While the fungus itself does not harm the plant, the mold could trigger an allergic reaction in humans. People sensitive to allergens may suffer from breathing problems after being exposed to the saprophytic …

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De-Stink Clothes Without Washing

Did you know you can eliminate the stink off your clothes without washing them? That’s right! Some household items do double duty as odor eliminator from clothing and shoes. When you can’t be bothered to wash your clothes, use these household items instead: Cat Litter Cat litter works to eliminate …

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How to Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Home

Roaches do not belong in your house. They do not belong in the kitchen, bathroom or the bedroom. So how come you’ve got dozens of them running around the house? Even when you try your best to deny these pests food and water, you still spot several of them scurrying …

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How to Neutralize Fishy Odors in the Home?

No matter how beautiful a home is – if it stinks – it will turn people off. Most times, unpleasant smell comes from cooking odors. For instance, cooking fish could offset a persistent odor that sticks to clothing and on furniture. It lingers all around the house and beyond for …

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DIY Leather Furniture Seam Repair

Leather furniture is a fantastic addition to the living room. It’s definitely a luxurious piece of furniture that your family will enjoy for years. But just like anything in life, the material will break down. Any damage from a leather furniture makes it less attractive. Usually, we go to a …

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How to Remove Mildews in Washing Machines

Mold and mildew will find their way in the most hidden places in the home. And that includes your washing machine. Your washing machine could turn to a breeding ground for moisture-loving fungi. That’s why it’s important to clean it regularly. To keep the clothes fresh-smelling and the washer clean …

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