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Importance of Rodent Control

Each year, rats and mice cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to agriculture. These destructive rodents also cause significant damage to the home, leaving sickness on their trail. To keep the home or office clean, pests of all kinds have to be controlled. Rodent control is comprised of different …

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Practical Ways to Control Dust in the Home

The number one irritant in the home is dust. Dust is made up of various particles dispersed in the air. At home, dust may contain other irritants, including pollen, dead skin cells, and animal hair. Controlling dust may be frustrating no matter how often you clean a space. And if …

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Non-Lethal Ways to Control Birds

Just like any creatures, birds deserve to thrive in their natural habitat. But there are times when the number of birds balloon to hundreds and thousands and at this point, you need to control the bird population to reduce damage to property. We highly discourage using poison or chemicals to …

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Should You Get a Cockroach and Pest Control Service?

Did you know that pests are one of the main causes of house fires and animal-transmitted diseases? In fact, 45,000 people deal with rat bites every year. Cockroaches overrun millions of homes around the world, making them the number one household pests. Cockroaches, in particular, are very dangerous because they …

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