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Tips for Pre-Treating New Construction with Anti-Termite

Termites are insects that feed on clothing, as well as new and decayed wood. These destructive insects thrive in damp, dank environments. Each year, termites destroy millions of dollars’ worth of properties. To protect your home from termites, you need to treat the wood frame itself. Pre-treating the wood will …

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Sustainable Construction Materials to Consider for Your Dream Home

What’s better than finally constructing the house of your dreams? Using sustainable, eco-friendly construction materials! The fact is, building a home – or any structure for that matter – affects the environment negatively. Apart from the greenhouse emissions from large factories, construction companies destroy forests and quarry entire mountains for …

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Glitter Toilet Seat: Should You Get It?

Adding a pop of color or an unexpected detail on everyday home items is one way to add character to your living space. For the bathroom, there are hundreds of ways to decorate the space and make bath time even more rewarding! For shimmer lovers, a glitter toilet seat is …

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