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Care and Maintenance Tips for Curtains and Draperies

Drapes and curtains aren’t just functional, they do double duty as home décor. That’s why it pays to keep the curtains and drapes pristine. Regular maintenance and proper care help preserve the integrity of the materials. Maintaining the curtains and drapes allows you to maximize the life of these furnishing! …

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How to Lubricate a Squeaky Ceiling Fan

Does your fan emit a headache-inducing squeak when you power it on? Sounds like you need to oil up your fan. Just like any machine with moving parts, a ceiling fan requires lubrication to run smoothly and quietly. Usually, older ceiling fan models require lubrication but newer ones don’t. To …

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Fast, Easy Ways to Dry a Wet Carpet

From simple spills to a flooded basement, drying a wet carpet can be done in many ways. And when it comes to drying a carpet, you don’t want to waste time. Otherwise, the carpet could be damaged beyond repair. Wet carpet could also lead to mold overgrowth. In today’s post, …

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How to Clean a Microwave

Cleaning the kitchen is often described as one of the most burdensome housecleaning tasks exceeded only by that of cleaning the bathroom. While most people are fairly proficient at cleaning kitchen counter surfaces, and sinks, when it comes to cleaning the microwave, they’re at a loss. Something about cleaning this …

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7 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Coming home at the end of the work week and realizing that the entire house is a mess is not how you want to start your weekend. By doing a simple chore here or there, you will ensure that your home is a tidy space that makes you happy and …

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How to Clean Vinyl

Would you like to learn the secrets of cleaning vinyl? The most common place you’ll find vinyl fabric is in the interior of your car. Vinyl coated fabrics are some of the most commonly used car upholstery fabrics. Unfortunately, this vinyl does become dirty and stained, especially if you use …

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