Summer Is Coming: Home Improvement Projects To Do On A Long Weekend

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend months to complete one home improvement project. In fact, many home improvement projects can be done on a single weekend. Long weekends are the best times to do little home improvement projects. With just a little tweak here and there, you could totally transform your home without having to spend more on a professional service! Today, we are listing down great home improvement projects you can do on a long weekend.

1. Clean Your Air Vents

We’re seeing the last days of summer and as you can imagine, the hot, humid season have done a number on your air vents. And as the colder season comes rolling in, you want to make sure your heaters are working perfectly. Unless cleaning air vents in zero degrees is your idea of fun, take advantage of the changing season and clean your air vents. The thing with air vents is that you don’t really know how dirty they get until get right down on it.

2. Prep For Winter

We’re seeing the early days of fall and you have plenty of time to stock up on winter essentials until then. Make sure you have enough winter supplies, such as shovels, gloves and ice removing tools. In addition, make sure your home is well stocked with emergency lights, batteries, first aid kits, and other useful tools in case you get stranded or power’s out.

3. Caring For Your Plants

The colder season is always hard on the plants in the garden. If you love gardening and you want to make sure your precious plants survive the colder months, start adding an extra layer of insulation to protect them from snow storms. Consider investing on loads of burlap and bubble wrap to protect your plants from big freezes! Just cover the pots your outdoor plants with burlap or bubble warps to protect them from the chilly, dry air and add more insulation during winter chills.

4. Fixing Your Trash Cans

As the fall season rolls in, you can expect a lot of fall rains. And one of the things we tend to overlook during these times are the trashcans. Most trashcans do not come with drain holes and the trash can get pretty nasty quickly once the rains start coming in. So spend a weekend drilling drain holes on all trashcans to save yourself the trouble of draining your putrefied trash by hand after a downpour.

5. Checking For Air Leaks

You have to make sure your home is completely free from air leaks before the colder months come in. Air leaks are a no-no so we recommend spending your long weekend checking different parts of your home where air leaks are likely to develop. Don’t focus solely on the interior of your home and check out the exterior for air leaks too. All wires and pipes have to be completely sealed.

6. Ticking Forgotten Home Improvement Projects Off Your List

Some things in the home break down after years of usage. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to have enough time to fix them all.  Doorbell no longer ringing? Cupboard that won’t shut close? Squeaky floorboards that drive you bonkers? Use your long weekend to tick off all the home improvement projects that you’ve been pushing aside.

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