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Stylish Window Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Ran out of decoration ideas for your bare windows? Carefully thought out window treatments make a great investment. Window treatments add distinct character to a living space. These style options can also transform any room from drab to fab without costly renovations!

Whether you want to dress up your windows with colorful draperies or a simple swath of fabric, we have compiled different window treatment ideas that will suit every room in your house:

Timeless Colors

When it comes to choosing the best window treatment for your home, always go for timeless colors that will complement your existing exteriors. White is a favorite among professional decorators because it goes with everything and is timeless. Of course, there are different hues of white and a decorator would mix different kinds of white to boost the visual impact of your blinds or curtains.

Minimalist Neutral

Another hue that you simply cannot go wrong is neutral shades of beige and tan. These colors are perfect for windows with minimalist design. Beige and tan give the windows a fresh, almost translucent appearance that naturally draws the eyes in! You can choose beige or tan colored blinds and curtains to give your windows distinct character.

Using Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are not only useful – in terms of getting the sun out of the room – they are also stylish. You can use Venetian blinds in a complementing color to accentuate the windows or make the windows blend seamlessly in the background. By carefully choosing the style and color of the Venetian blinds, you can make your windows stand out or blend in.

Rich Draping

A trendy way to dress up windows is by using curtains and drapes. Curtains and drapes add drama to the windows. The richness of the draping accentuates the window, warming up the living space. You can add a personal touch to the window design by using vintage-looking details found in flea markets or cast metal rings.

When it comes to choosing what drape or curtain color to get, always think how your house will look from the outside. The light inside your home changes throughout the day and season. Rooms that receive light very early in the day should be dressed with warm-toned windows. Rooms that get light very late in the day will look better in cool-toned hues. This room will look great in blind finishes with brushed aluminum for a cool effect.

Banking on Optical Illusion

If a certain room requires more than just redecoration – such as cramped spaces – you can use window treatments to fool the eye into making the room look larger. Venetian blinds and other denser window treatments are perfect for making even the smallest room seem expansive. Curtains with vertically striped pattern can also make low ceilings seem higher. Venetian blinds in either neutral or bright shade can add a warm, relaxing atmosphere in a living space. All these tricks are useful if you are going for a certain look in a room.

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