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Style Ideas for a Summer-Ready Home

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

The dreary winter season is over and now summer’s here! But wait, how do you prep your home to achieve a summer-ready space? Consider these style ideas:

Brighter Accessories

A seasonal update is in order if you want to adjust the overall look of your space. To make your home summer-ready, ditch common winter gears and embrace lighter, brighter accessories. Remove fire logs, heavy rugs, thick blankets or draperies in the living room. Replace them with summer accessories including fresh cut flowers, patterned linens, and light curtains. In the bedroom, keep those thick bed warmers and electric blankets in the attic and replace them with cotton sheets in light colorways.

Ditching the flannel sheets and heavy duvets with lighter linens made with higher thread count will keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. Lighter linens wick away moisture from the skin while distributing body heat evenly for satisfying night’s rest.

Let the Summer Breeze In

Summer can be downright sweltering, leaving indoor air humid and muggy. During the summer season, you have to make simple airflow updates so your living space remains nice and cool. Start by setting your ceiling fan’s blades counter-clockwise to push humid air down and create a stronger draft! Keep your vents clean so pollutants do not end up in your home, causing seasonal allergies.

Make sure your home’s cooling system is also working properly. Replace your air conditioner’s filters if needed. Before the summer season starts, have a professional check your central air system to ensure excellent working condition. The last thing you want is for your cooling system to break down in the middle of the summer season!

You can also boost air circulation by opening your windows, placing a houseplant next to the bathroom sink or cleaning your screen doors to let the breeze in.

Organize the Deck

Hot summer days means spending most of the day on the patio, enjoying the relaxing vibe and cool summer breeze. If you have patio furniture in your outdoor space, you need to clean the patio in anticipation of more time spent outdoors. Start by sweeping away dust and debris on the patio floor, then follow up with a good scrub. Depending on the finish, wipe all your patio furniture clean, buffing each one to remove deep seated dirt. After cleaning and drying the patio furniture, you can refresh your current set up by rearranging the furniture. Finish up with outdoor lights, a few succulents on the table, and pillows with flower patterns.

Bright Prints

Adding colorful accents in the home helps create a cheerful, summery vibe. Replace your current pillow covers with those that come in bright summer colors and cool prints. The same thing goes in the living room; replace the throw pillow covers with bright ones to evoke an energetic atmosphere. Bright colored pillows make an excellent accent piece too!

Clean the BBQ

Itching to celebrate the summer season with a barbecue? Now’s the best time to give the barbecue a deep clean. Disconnect the gas, disassemble the barbecue and start cleaning the grill. Remove the crusted food debris with a hard wire brush and rinse with soapy water. Wipe the grates clean with a thin layer of cooking oil to finish up.

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