Space-Saving Tips for Small Kitchens

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Even with very limited space to work with, you can squeeze out every last centimeter out of that small kitchen and make it even more space-efficient! If you love DIY projects then you will love these amazing tips and hacks to maximize the space out of a cramped kitchen:

DIY Skinny Shelf

Did you know that the narrow space between the wall and the fridge can be used to store canned goods, spices, and jams? There are loads of online tutorials you can check out to make your own skinny pull-out shelf. All you need is a pull-out shelf that easily pulls out to add more storage space to small kitchens.

Add More Bins

Don’t leave the top of top shelf bare; why not add several straw bins on top for more storage space? You can use the bins to store kitchen items you rarely use! This way, the kitchen is more space efficient and well-organized.

Add Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets work as a décor and as a stylish storage solution. You can get several wicker baskets and use them to store various items, including cutting boards, long ladles, strainers and large kitchen items that do not fit in conventional kitchen drawers.

Installing Wooden Boxes

If you have loads of unused wooden boxes gathering dust in the shed, bring them out and give them a fresh coat of paint. Stick chevron striped paper at the bottom of the wooden boxes then with an electric drill, mount it on the wall. You can use the wooden boxes as storage for teas, coffee, and smaller kitchen items.

Re-Use Bath Caddy

If you have several bath caddies that you never use or refuse to throw away, you can re-use them as kitchen storage solutions too! Just pop the caddies anywhere you need more space and you have an instant shelf for your bottles of sauces and jams!

Get Hardware Inserts

Squeeze every drop of real estate out of your kitchen cabinets by installing inserts to cabinet doors or shelf risers. You can also use hook screws or cork hooks against the inside of the cabinet doors for extra space for your kitchen accessories.

Installing Magnets and Tension Rods

Here’s a great way to boost your storage space, install magnets on certain parts of the wall. You can also add tension rods for extra storage. Just pop a strip of magnet on the wall and all the metal kitchen accessories can be stored in a jiffy!

Maximizing the Sink

If you have unused space along the sink, why not install mini shelves between the kitchen cabinets? This is a great way to make the kitchen look polished. At the same time, you get even more room for your knick knacks.

Swivel Seats or Stools

If you want to save more floor space in a small kitchen, do away with bulky seats and opt for either swivel tool or traditional stools. A swivel stool can be stowed away neatly beside the kitchen table. The same thing goes for regular stools, you can stow them away when they are not in use so the kitchen appears larger.

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