Simple Ways to Fix Mini Blinds

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Mini blinds not only enhance the overall design of a living space, it has its practical uses too. Mini blinds filters the light into a room, it’s customizable so you have control over how much sunlight you want into a room, and it also protects the home from onlookers.

Unfortunately, mini blinds can be hard to maintain. Over time, the individual slats could bend or break. The strings which control the direction where the slats go could fray or snap. If you have kids or pets, it may also shorten the lifespan of your mini blinds.

Replacing mini blinds is costly but if you know how to address simple repairs, you will save more! Below are some of the most common mini blinds problems and quick ways to resolve them:

Replacing Bent Slats

Over time, the slats that make up the blinds will dip, twist, and bend. You can replace it without buying slats from the local hardware store. Most mini blinds are designed to be longer than the window so there are extra slats that could replace broken ones.

To replace the slat, remove the whole blinds and lay it on a flat surface. Run the yard through the replacement slats so you can hold them in place as the lift cords are untied. The lift are the strings that lowers and raises the slats.

Gently pull the lift cords from to bottom of the slats until it reaches the broken ones. From here, remove the extra slat and replace the broken one with it. Restring the slats together and put back the mini blinds.

Slats Won’t Lower Down

It’s annoying when the blinds won’t go into the direction that you want but don’t pull the lift cords too hard to lower down the blinds.

Instead, gently pull the lift cords level with the head rail. This action should release the cord lock. The cord lock is a mechanism located in the head rail and it locks the slat into place. Find the cord lock and with a flat head screwdriver, turn the screwdriver perpendicular to the head rail. Disengage the cords by pushing the pin and as soon as the pin is pushed, the slants will pull down.

Blind Slats Won’t Tilt

From constant use, the tilt cord of the mini blinds could become disengaged from the tilt mechanism located in the head rail. This causes the tilt mechanism to move while the slats won’t tilt.

To resolve the problem, you will need to remove the blind from the window and lay it in a flat surface. Look at the head rail; you will see a metal rod which runs through the whole length of the head rail. This is where the tilt mechanism is located.

Gently push the end of the tilt rod back into the space where the tilt mechanism is housed. This should allow the slants to tilt. Just install the mini blinds back into the window.

Replacing the Tilter

Remove the mini blinds from the window and lay it on a flat surface. If the blinds come with cord tilt, remove the tassels.

From the head rail, you will see the metal ends or plastic ends — you need to remove it. You can remove the tilter by gently sliding the tilt cord. Replace the tilter by pushing the replacement down until it snaps back to place! Test the new tilter and once satisfied, put the mini blinds back on the window.

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