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Setting the Mood: Using Outdoor Lighting to Accentuate Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed home. However, it’s also one of the most overlooked aspects of home design. Poorly executed lighting will make the most beautiful home look unkempt or disorganized, especially at night.

Lighting shouldn’t be done strictly for aesthetics reasons but also for practical reasons. With the right setup, lighting will showcase the beauty of your garden in the evening light. A perfectly executed lighting also adds to the pleasure of experiencing beauty from the outside of your home. Your home is sure to become even more visually stunning each night while also offering a sense of security and safety.

Benefits of Adding Luxury Outdoor Lighting

Sets the Mood

Adding a warm glow to your garden is a great way to direct the eye to the key elements of your garden. As night falls, lighting can help set the mood— illuminating parts of the landscape to enhance its overall design!

For example, if you have a massive tree and you want it to become a focal point of your garden, you can install lights under it and its branches to create an illuminated canopy of light. This kind of lighting adds to the overall atmosphere you want to create for your garden.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

The right kind of lighting helps warm up and make any part of your home inviting. You can install subtle ambient lightning at strategic places in the house to make guests feel right at home. You can also direct the eye to parts you want to enhance or hide! Of course, lighting has its practical uses too. You can add lights on entryways, dark walkways, pathways, and garages so guests don’t lose their way!

Enhance Outdoor Entertainment Areas

A lighting system installed in the patio or deck will make any outdoor space look even more dynamic, even from afar!

If your outdoor space has entertainment areas like BBQ grills, etc., installing lights on these parts of your home allows you to entertain guests during the evenings. Your living space won’t feel too limiting because you can extend any party or celebration to your patio.

Highlight Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a manicured yard complete with sculptures or a quaint garden, any outdoor space can be highlighted for neighbors to see by installing lights around it. It’s like a mini show each time the sun goes down! Illuminate your garden and evoke a sense of elegance effortlessly by letting your beautiful outdoor space have its moment every evening.

Discourages Intruders

When a home is well lit, it discourages thieves or intruders from entering the premises. How? Lighting helps illuminate places where they are likely to hide. This gives a greater chance of exposing burglars, and discouraging anyone who might plan to break in, increasing your home’s security. Apart from lighting up the usual spots—like walkways or garages—install lighting on darker spots of your outdoor living space. We recommend complementing your lighting system with CCTV cameras in key places of your home to improve security.

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