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Set a Basic DIY Kit: 7 Tools and Products for Home Improvement Projects

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Love good at-home projects? The best way to start any project is to have the right tools. A DIY kit should contain all-around tools that will help you chase after ambitious home improvement projects. Don’t have any idea where to start? In today’s post, we are listing down all the important DIY tools you should invest on:

1. Snap-On Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

No DIY tool kid is complete without a screwdriver set. You want to get a complete set that has everything from Phillips, slotted, quadrex toTORX. A snap-on ratcheting screwdriver set is an excellent investment because it can take on small and large projects. This set is also flexible. You can switch heads in seconds, allowing you complete a project in a short amount of time.

2. Cordless Drill and Drill Bit Set

Power drills are always a part of a DIY project junkie’s tool kit. A cordless drill and drill bit set is extra convenient, it allows you to push holes anywhere at any time. There are so many types of cordless power drills to get; each one will depend on a specific purpose. The most popular type of drill bits to choose includes straight shank, hex shank, taper point, countersink, glass and tile drills, etc. the type of hole and uses will also vary according to a specific project.

3. Hammer

A good ol’ hammer isn’t just made for a specific job. It does a variety of purposes. From forging metal to driving nails or breaking up objects, you want a heavy duty yet light enough hammer to complete get the job done. You can use it for framing, removing nails, or to flatten objects. Choose a hammer with a rubberized handle. The rubber gives you better control and grip.

4. Metric Tape

The right measurements are critical to any home improvement projects. Don’t rely on your gut, you want to get a metric tape to determine dimensions of floor areas, table sizes or walls. Metric tapes are very affordable and practical too. But get a heavy duty metric tape, one that can withstand occasional bangs or drops. They are pricier than ordinary metric tapes, but heavy-duty metric tapes will last you years of use!

5. Electric Hand Saw

Any DIY project gets easier if you have an electronic hand saw for cutting through wood or metal. Of course, you can always get vintage saws but these tools could slow you down. An electric saw gives you more control; it’ll work a lot faster than elbow grease. Apart from cutting through the material, an electric saw offers stability.

6. Trowel

A trowel isn’t just made for gardening. You can use it to lay bricks, mix cement, etc. Always keep a trowel nearby if you’re completing a big project. You never know when you need one – especially when altering a large part of the home.

7. Pliers Set

Rounding up our list of must-have DIY tools and home improvement gears is a set of pliers. The pliers could be used in different ways. Some are meant to shape or twist metals while others are made to cut wires.  Most pliers have rubberized grip for better control. Such feature minimizes electrocution as well.

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