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Safe Ways to Remove Snakes in the Pool

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

In North America, there is approximately 120 species of snakes. And it’s not uncommon for one to end up in your property. Of the 120 snake species, 17 of them are poisonous. So if you do find one lurking in your home, do not approach it without the right tools.

Snakes end up on our doorstep in search for food. Though vicious, these creatures do not mean any harm unless provoked. Most snakes are also aquatic, they are naturally drawn to water. Swimming pool or any body of water can attract snakes for miles away.  But a pool isn’t suitable for snakes to live. The chlorinated water kills all bacteria, so there’s no forage. And because pools have no gently sloping back for snakes to exit, the poor animal is left stuck in it. If you do find a snake in your pool, here’s how to remove the creature safely:

WARNING: Always wear protective gear, especially when dealing with a hostile, poisonous snake. To be on the safe side, call animal control and let the experts handle the snake. Finally and most importantly, snakes are an important part of our eco-system. Do not kill the snake. Call a wildlife specialist instead and let them deal with the creature.

Pool Skimmer

The simplest way to remove wayward snakes in the pool is to use a pool skimmer. The long handle allows you to retrieve the exhausted creature at more than an arm’s length. However, some snakes will try to wiggle their way out of the net. You want to make sure the creature does not land anywhere near you, the kids or the family pet!

Snake Tongs

If you live in an area where snakes are a common sight, invest in snake tongs. This device allows you to catch a snake right under its jaw, which is the safest area to handle the animal. The mechanism of the snake tongs will grip the creature so you can safely remove it. Place the snake in a sack, make sure to move fast when letting go. Secure the sack with twine then call a wildlife specialist. He will be responsible in bringing the animal back to its natural habitat.

Snake Traps

If snakes end up in your yard frequently, get snake traps. Make sure you get high quality ones that stick around long enough to handle the creature. A snake trap is a great way to remove snakes in the garage, yard or pool area.

Improving Your Home

There is no device or repellant that will deter snakes from coming into the home. As such, you want to fortify your house to prevent snakes from coming in. Remember, the snakes are just as vulnerable to danger as you are so it’s best to prevent a face to face confrontation.

Start by removing anything that might attract them to the area. Usually, these are forage and cover. If your home is rich in plant life, it will attract snakes. So make sure to trim the grass, remove the clutter and fill any gaps using concrete.

Minimize food source by controlling pests like rats. Finally, install a secure two feet fence angled at 20 degrees. The fence should be flush with the ground so no snakes can penetrate it.

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