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Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs Heated Towel Rails

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

A heated towel rail is a type of bathroom fixture designed to dry or heat towels before they are used. Back then, only European hotels have heated towel rails. But these days, you can order and install heated towel rails and installed it in the bathroom. These rails are available in brass or copper. Some heated bathroom rails feature a chrome, steel, or lacquer exterior. Wondering what benefits you will enjoy from giving your bathroom a modern update? Consider our list of reasons why you should consider installing heated towel rails in your bathroom:

Warm Bathroom

Going to a bathroom can get a little chilly during the winter season. Why not create a cozy haven and make bathroom breaks a joy with a heated towel rail? Most bathrooms become freezer-cold because the radiator is unable to warm up the space. A heated towel rail works by gradually warming up bathrooms of any size. This bathroom fixture will utilize your home’s electrical system instead of the central heating system. To heat the bathroom, we recommend setting the heated towel rail early in the morning.

Warmer Towels

Heated towel rail is primarily designed to heat towels so they are nice and toasty once you use them. You no longer need to hang your wet towels on the towel radiator to dry them. Hanging wet towels in the heated towel rail help dry off the fabric quickly and effortlessly. This feature will come in handy at night or early in the morning when the temps are very low.

Adds Style

Imagine impressing guests and loved ones with a functional bathroom that provides heated towels, ready to use! Heated towel rails are not only functional, they are stylish too!

Regardless if your bathroom design is contemporary or traditional, it will benefit from installing heated towel rails. The rails come in a wide range of designs, complementing modern and traditional bathroom designs alike.

If you love the no-nonsense appeal of minimalist designs, you will love the chicness of sleek, heated towel rails in contemporary styles. Some heated towel rails feature looped, ringed or spiral designs that will go well with traditional bathroom designs. Larger heated towel rails are also available for bigger bathrooms.

More Space for Drying

Did you know that installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom gives your home larger drying space? Heated towel rails aren’t just used to dry towels. These bathroom fixtures provide extra room to dry clothes quickly and efficiently. When you are no longer using your radiator or dryer to dry clothes, you will save more money.

Free Up More Space

And speaking of extra space, heated towel rails also free up extra space in the bathroom so you don’t have to bother installing a radiator. In addition, heated towel rails are more compact so they take up less room once installed. These fixtures can be installed higher up the wall to reduce obstruction. Because there is no object that draws the eyes in, the bathroom looks a lot larger than it really is.

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