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Power Washing Your Home Safely

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Power washing the home helps prevent mildew and moss growth, especially on the deck or patio area. You can use a power washer to eliminate deep-seated dirt and grime, keeping your home fresh and clean. However, using the power washer improperly could cause damage to the home’s exterior. It can also cause injuries if you are not careful! In today’s post, we are listing down simple tips for a safe, worry-free power washing:

Secure the Nozzle

You’d be surprised that most accidents caused by power washing the home is an unsecured nozzle. Make sure you are using the right nozzle size for the job so you don’t accidentally peel away the paint of your home’s exterior! There are different types of nozzles to choose from, each one offers different spray patterns.

Once you are ready to begin, check if the nozzle is fastened securely before turning the power washer on. If you don’t, the nozzle will blow off, possibly damaging the building or disappearing. When the power washer’s nozzle is not secure, it is also harder to control the water.

A Good Scrub

Power washing is not enough to clean the exterior of your home especially if it is ridden with dirt and grime. To make cleaning even more efficient, don’t rely on your power washer alone. Scrub the area clean using a bleach solution before using the power washer. Bleach works well especially on wooden surfaces that are ridden with deep mildew. After giving the surface a good scrub, then you can proceed with the power washing.

Start From Top to Bottom

An improperly used power washer can easily cost you thousands of dollars in property damage. The pressure of the water can tear a hole through the side of your house or leave unsightly marks on your sidings. So always keep a safe distance whenever you are using the power washer.

When pressure washing your home, we highly recommend starting from the top to the bottom. Avoid spraying the water on the sidings to avoid permanent swirl marks. If moisture ends up under the siding, give that area enough time to dry completely. Finally, do not use the power washer to strip the paint off on wood sidings because it can damage the wood.

Close all Openings

Before starting off with the power washing, you have to close all windows and openings so water does not end up soaking the insides of your home. Avoid spots near exterior electrical outlets so you don’t soak the wiring. You have to keep the washer at least 10 inches away from the surface of the treated area to reduce the force of the water. Never force the water into corners, nooks, and crannies or you risk damaging the structure or causing a leak!

Cleaning Solution

If you are using a cleaning solution, we recommend one with neutral pH so it does not damage the exterior of your home. If you are using harsher ingredients, the pressure of the water combined with harsh chemicals could damage the surface of the area being cleaned. Always start by cleaning a small area of the surface using a weak cleaning solution. Leave the cleaning solution to sit for a few minutes before power washing the space. Use stronger cleaning agent if the mildew problem is very severe.

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