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Popular Home Styles Explained

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Developing the house of your dreams? It’s important to create a sound plan before going ahead with the development of the design for your new house. In today’s post, we are walking you through some of the most popular house designs while explaining their most defining characteristics:

Colonial Style

This is a traditional house design, which is popular in the US. This house design is classically elegant that exude old world grandeur.

A colonial-style home features a high pitched roof, one or several dormers, and a grand chimney. The house is also made of narrow clapboard siding with double hung multi-pane windows installed symmetrically on both sides of the central front door. A decorative pair of columns (or several pilasters) greet the guest on the front door.

Cape Cod Style

Cape Cods were popular in the late 1600s in the US but remained in style until the 1930s. This design was developed by British colonists to the US. This design features a steep roof fitted with side gables with a chimney on one end. The house is usually one and a half stories with one or several dormers. It’s sided with wide clapboards, brick or wood shingles. The front door is located on the center of the house, often in very plain design. The floor is made from hardwood.  Finally, the double-hung windows feature decorative shutters.

Contemporary Style

The modern house-style is a mix of concrete and glass with wooden accents. The natural sidings are made from natural wood or stone and the façade lacks ornate accents or ornaments. The roof is typically flat with cathedral-style ceilings and exposed beams. Because the design is very modern, it’s focused on seamless, fuss-free details.

Cottage Style

This is a common sight in the countryside or in a garden setting decorated with window boxes and trellises. The cottage-style home featured a peaked roof, a Masonry chimney, and a walkway to the front door. The home is often surrounded by climbing or flowering plants, while the sidings are made from wood shingles. Finally, the windows are large and multi-pane.

Craftsman Style

The craftsman style was a highly popular turn of the century design that exemplifies the height of the Arts and Crafts movement. The structure is a grand mix of simple lines and natural materials. The craftsman home design features a low-pitched gable roof with exposed rafters. The roof is supported by decorative braces or beams under the gables. It has a porch framed by massive columns and wooden, stone or stucco siding. The windows are double hung and often grouped in threes. The upper sashes of the windows are divided into two or three panes over plain lower sash. The floor plan is open and is accentuated with organic colors and natural materials like wood or river rocks.

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style homes are all about comfort and straightforward design. The house design bears similarities with Victorian homes. It features asymmetrical plan with dormers and gables and metal or shingle roof. The house has tall windows and a wraparound porch.

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