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Non-Lethal Ways to Control Birds

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Just like any creatures, birds deserve to thrive in their natural habitat. But there are times when the number of birds balloon to hundreds and thousands and at this point, you need to control the bird population to reduce damage to property.

We highly discourage using poison or chemicals to kill the birds. It’s not only an unethical practice, you might also find yourself cleaning after hundreds of putrefied bird carcasses that will litter your property. There are many ways to eliminate birds without harming the creatures. In today’s post, we are listing down non-lethal ways to control birds:

Stop Feeding Them!

Do not attract the birds by feeding them. Remove any food scraps and crumbs all over the property. Make sure the garbage cans are sealed so birds will not rummage through the bins. Water sources must not be kept near the property so it will not lure hordes of birds into your home. Remember, any inhumane attempts to control the bird population will be ineffective if the number of birds has become unmanageable. When the birds are not getting enough food from a certain place, they will leave on their own gradually.

Get Rid of Nests

Make the bird population more manageable by inspecting your property for bird nests. Inspect your property for nests every two weeks. If you see nests and eggs, remove them. This will discourage nesting birds from breeding in your property.

Install Wire Mesh

To prevent birds from ending up in any entry points in your home, install wire mesh all over soffit vents and other openings. According to experts, you may also install a suspended thin wire about two inches above the railing or other potential roosts. This will deter the birds from resting on the rails.

Sheet Metal

You can also install slopes on any edges of your property to discourage the birds from resting on the rails. You can use a sloping piece of metal or slanted metal board. Install it off the ledges and other potential roosts.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is comprised of a net that inhibits the birds from reaching from certain areas of your property. Bird netting comes in different forms and shapes. Usually, bird netting is made from extruded and bi-oriented polypropylene or woven polyethylene. Just seal off the spaces above the barn rafters with the bird netting.

Scare Crows

Scarecrows are a great deterrent for birds that destroy crops. But some species of birds, like pigeons, are not scared of scarecrows.  Model owls do not work either because pigeons are very smart birds. If the model owl sits in just one spot, the birds will figure out that it’s not the real thing. If you’re deterring pigeons, we recommend using kites with hawk silhouettes.

Birth Control for Birds

Dispersing birth control for birds is also an effective way to control the bird population in your property. Most birds breed at a very rapid rate. For instance, pigeons breed up to 6 times per year, with a minimum of 2 eggs per clutch. Birds that ingested contraceptives will lay eggs that will not hatch.

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