Maintenance Tips on Glass Topped Tables

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Glass top tables make an excellent investment. These tables are so versatile; you can use it as a living room piece or as a dining table. But just like anything in life, glass top tables have their own drawbacks. The surface of the table does attract handprints so it gets dirty very easily. And the surface is ultra-smooth so even a speck of dust is visible to the naked eye. If you are using a glass top table then you know that frequent cleaning is important to keep the table spotless. Ideally, you want to clean the table at least once per week using distilled water and a mild cleanser to remove grime and grease.

In today’s post, we are sharing cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your glass top table looking brand new:

Cleaning a Glass Top Table

You will need:

Hot water
Spray bottle
Paper towels
Lint-free or microfiber towel

Step 1: Clear the tabletop of any items. With a damp microfiber towel, remove any dust, dried up spills, and any non-sticky buildup on the surface of the table. Spray hot water on the table to remove sticky buildup. Using hot water reduces streaks while removing grime easily.

Step 2: Get a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the wet surface. Make sure the surface is free from sticky or grimy buildup.

Step 3: Once you are sure that the glass top surface is clean and free from debris, apply a drop of vinegar directly on stubborn stains or spills. With the same dry microfiber cloth, gently lift the stain away.

Step 4: Finally, get a couple of crumpled paper towel and wipe the glass top clean to a high shine. The crumpled paper towel will remove any residual fluff while also boosting the shine of the glass.

Maintenance Tips

Removing Stubborn Stains with Razor Blade

Commercial cleansers can easily remove dried up stains and spills. But for stains that are very hard to remove, nix the cleanser and use a razor blade instead. Using the sharp edge of the razor, gently remove or lift the stain away.

Using Hot Distilled Water

You can always use tap water to remove unwanted stains, but hot distilled water is better for glass table tops. Distilled water contains fewer minerals that could leave streaks on the glass. Because it is hot, the water melts grime and stains easily.

Do Not Use Newspaper

You can substitute paper towels with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Both materials are suitable for wiping away dirt on glass surfaces. They also boost the shine of the glass top minus the fluff. Newspaper is often used to clean glass surface, but it can cause streaks because of the leftover ink. Also, the ink could also stain your hands when the newspaper is wet.

Do not Use Soapy Water

Just like old newspaper, try avoiding using soapy water to clean glass top tables. The glass top may look spotless after wiping it with soapy water, but the suds will leave unsightly streams when the glass top dries. If you must use soap, use very little to avoid the streaks.

Clean Both Sides of the Glass

Do not stop at cleaning just the glass top, you have to clean the bottom of the glass too! Most glass tables allow you to detach the glass for cleaning.

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