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Lighting Tricks for a Stylish Home

Led Strip With Various E27 Light BulbsRather than spend thousands of dollars on renovations, you can give your interior space a facelift using a variety of lighting solutions. Lighting is an important element in interior design. It can highlight the best features of a space and evoke certain emotions. Even if your home is not new, you can breathe life back into drab spaces and create a cozy, stylish home through proper lighting. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the best lighting tricks to enhance your home:

Utilize Different Lighting Types

Don’t just depend on a single type of lighting to illuminate your space. You can layer different types of lighting types to create a warm, cozy vibe. There are three types of lighting: task, overhead, and accent. You can use all three options to light every room in your home. Layering different lighting types brings flexibility to your space. Of course, make sure the room has enough space for lighting layering. Also, make sure you can control the lights, dimming or turning each one completely to set the mood.

Table lamps, sconces, and even holiday lamps can be used in so many ways to illuminate a space. We recommend having at least 3 to 5 types of light sources in each room. If you are using accent lamps, you can experiment and play with different types to highlight certain features of the space!

Adding Mirrors

This old trick works wonderfully if you want to maximize the illumination in certain areas of the home. You can hang a mirror adjacent to a window to reflect sunlight into a space or position the mirror near a light source so the light bounces into the room, adding soft illumination to your space.

Illuminating Dark Corners

If you want to banish dark corners in your space, put lights where you need to. For instance, if you love curling up with a good book before hitting the sack, why not install an accordion type sconce by the bed to make night reading much easier? You can also invest in an art specific light to highlight a treasured painting. You can also add tall table lamps on dim corners, non-table places, and tight corners.

Setting the Mood with Dimmers

A dimmer is a light switch that allows you to control the level of illumination a lamp generates. Thankfully, dimmers are so affordable and easy to install. You can purchase dimmers for lamps and play with different levels of illumination to set the mood. By controlling the quality and quantity of light, you can evoke different vibe in a space. Using dimmers can also enhance the functionality of a light source. You can use dim lights to create soft, ambient light for relaxing and stronger light for reading or working.

Illuminate Unexpected Places

The beauty of lighting is it can perform specific tasks. You can use various lighting types to highlight a feature on a wall, chandelier lights to add old world glamor to a room, or recessed lamps for your walk in closet. Instead of using a traditional desk lamp on your bedside table, why not hang pendant lamps to achieve a unique look for the bedroom? You can use different lighting options to illuminate alcoves, tray ceilings, and niches.

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