Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Performing Properly

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

No other cleaning tool can do as much to keep the house spic and span as the vacuum cleaner. Carpeting, hard floors, furniture, draperies, and even walls are kept spotless thanks to this wonderful invention. The vacuum works hard to keep your home free of the dreaded dust bunnies–is anyone taking care of the vacuum? There are several easy things you can do to ensure that your vacuum is performing at its best. Proper maintenance of your vacuum will extend the lifetime of this indispensable cleaning tool and it will ensure that all of your efforts behind the handle are not in vain since a vacuum not operating at peak performance is not cleaning as well as it could be.

*A word of caution: always be sure the vacuum cleaner is unplugged from the power source before performing any sort of diagnostic checks, repairs, replacements, etc.

1. The Experts

The manufacturer’s recommendations are the best guide for proper upkeep so be sure to keep the manual that comes along with the vacuum cleaner handy. There are certain procedures unique to particular makes and models so careful attention to the owner’s manual is the best starting point. In addition, it is wise to make use of any on-line services or telephone help provided by the manufacturer.

2. The Filters

The function of the filter in a vacuum cleaner is crucial to the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner itself. The vacuum will quickly lose suction when filters become clogged. Take care to clean the filters often, possibly even every time you vacuum, but at least as often as the owner’s manual suggests. Filters will most definitely need to be cleaned following the cleanup of something that is especially prone to clogging a filter. Very fine particles from things like flour, baby powder, etc. have the potential to do this. Most filters are not designed to last indefinitely so don’t ignore the guidelines listed in your manual for when to change the filters.

3. The Belt

The belt of a vacuum is what drives the brushes to spin. The brushes are what dislodge embedded dust and dirt from the fibers of the carpet. When the brushes aren’t spinning the vacuum is sucking up only the dust and dirt laying on the surface of the carpet so you are not really getting a deep clean. Be sure to change the belt as often as recommended by the manufacturer or as needed. A quick check of the belt for wear and thinning before each use will help you to avoid a malfunctioning belt.

4. Clean Brushes

Another problem that can cause the brushes not to spin properly and thus lead to the same troubles that occur when the belt fails is the possibility of the brushes becoming tangled in debris. Hair, yarn, string, thread, and various household craft supplies can sometimes become tangled in the bristles of the brush and prevent the brush from spinning at all or at the rotation rate they should be. Periodic checks of the brushes will ensure this does not become problematic.

Quick, periodic checks of these important parts of your vacuum cleaner will help your vacuum cleaner to properly do its job.

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