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Improving Home Security Straight From the Experts

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

How safe is your home? You might think door locks and a security system is enough to protect your home. But a determined burglar has a way of dodging most security measures.

99 times of a hundred, thieves are able to enter a home through windows and doors. If your home is not secure, there’s no way to protect yourself and your loved ones from intruders. In today’s post, we are listing down expert tips on improving your home security:

Security from the Outside

Don’t think your driveway won’t attract intruders. Usually, a burglar will survey the area first before attacking. Thieves will often observe the habits of their victims for weeks before attacking. They will track their prospective victims, looking for clues.

A parked sports car in the driveway is a dead giveaway that the household contains valuables. If their “prey” are well-dressed or wear too much jewelry, then it’s a possible rich picking. So it’s important to keep your valuables away from prying eyes. Keep the cars secure by locking then in your garage. Don’t just park your vehicles carelessly outside the gates.

Securing All Openings

The weakest spots in a house are the openings. These include doors, vents, and windows. They serve as an entry way for malicious trespassers. We recommend investing in the following to secure all home openings:

Security Window Film

If you have older windows, have it double glazed. If you can, use security window film to fortify the windows. When the windows aren’t smashed easily, the noise will attract attention. This will discourage thieves from entering the house.

Window Locks

Installing window locks is the easiest, most affordable way to protect your home. There are so many types of window locks to choose from. Choose key-less ones so you don’t lose the keys.

We recommend installing not one but two window locks on either side of the opening. This will reduce leverage, minimizing the chances of being burgled. Even the most determined thief will go away within seconds if he cannot gain access from the windows.

Security Alarm

It pays to invest in burglar or window alarms. These devices are very easy to install. Any vibration could set the alarm off, warning inhabitants of intruders. Since thieves avoid noises and confrontation, burglar alarms will deter them from entering your home.

Own a Dog

The number one enemy of professional burglars is noise. Just the tiniest rustling could prevent a burglary. Owning a dog helps keep the premises safe. Dogs will alert their masters of intruders. Most canine companions will not think twice about attacking trespassers either.

Proper Lighting

Burglars often operate in the dark for a reason: to avoid detection. Light is a great thief deterrent. If you’ve got dark or poorly lit spots in the premises, install proper lighting. Go for bright lights with movement detectors. Position the lights high enough so burglars won’t be able to turn them off.

CCTV Camera

Just the sight of a CCTV camera is enough to send thieves packing. You can install real or dummy CCTV cameras all around the premises to deter burglars. Installing the real thing might be pricey but the added security is well worth the price.

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