Humane Ways to Eliminate Rats in the Attic, Home, and Walls

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

If you see one mouse or rat inside your home, there’s a good chance that there are dozens of them hiding behind walls, the attic or unseen crevices in the house. Apart from transmitting diseases, rats and mice breed at a rapid rate. Don’t wait until the whole house is overrun by rodents. In today’s post, we are giving you tips on how to eliminate rats in your home humanely:

Rat Proofing the Home

Pests come into our homes because houses provide their three basic needs: food, water, and shelter. If you make your home less attractive to rodents now, then you won’t have to deal with an infestation in the future. Start by using construction materials treated with rat deterrent. You can also slather a mix of salad oils, garlic and horseradish and plenty of cayenne pepper to deter mice. Coat the exterior of the house with this mix. Spray this mixture on all crevices within the home.

Then, keep the home clean inside and out. Cover holes, remove unwanted furnishing and keep the attic clean. Finally, remove anything in the home that could retain rainwater. These include old tires, unused plant pots, etc.

Get a Cat or a Dog

A rat infestation is an excellent excuse to finally adopt a cat or a dog (though we lean strongly towards cats). These pets are the natural predator of rats and mice! Now, you might think adding a predatory animal is a cruel way to eliminate rodents but it’s really not. This method falls into the natural order of nature. You are providing your pet with a sustainable food source. However, if you’ve been using rat poisons before, do not get a cat or dog. The pet might accidentally eat the hidden poison.

Trapping the Rodents

Some mouse traps kill rodents instantly, but others do so slowly. If you want to eliminate rodents humanely, do so by installing two-door rat or squirrel traps. These traps will automatically shut down and trap the rodent without killing the animal. You may release the animal 100 yards from your home.

Of course, do note that releasing an animal more than 100 yards away from where you caught it is not humane. We recommend calling animal control to determine the right way to release pests.

Spring Trap

Spring traps are easily the greenest way to reduce the mice and rat population. A spring trap is humane because it kills the rodent instantly. The animal is not wounded in any way. Death will come in one swift blow.

If you prefer a spring trap, go for models made from metal or durable plastic base. Do not get the ones made with wooden bases or those that are sold in multipacks. These models are extremely hard to clean.

To clean the mousetrap, always wear protective gears such as rubber gloves and a dust mask. Remove the dead mouse or rat from the trap and bury it in a shallow grave to eliminate the foul smell.


If you don’t mind the smell of fried rat, use an electrocution trap. Just like spring trap, an electrocution trap will kill rodents almost instantly. Most electrocution traps are made with waterproof cases and two-piece housing so they are easy to clean.

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