How to Remove Hair Dye Stains on Walls

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

It’s normal to get unsightly stains on the walls after dyeing your hair at home. While most stains could be easily removed by a good brush and soap, hair dye stains will take more than elbow grease to remove.

Now, before walking you through methods to remove such stains, it’s important to learn what methods of cleaning do not work on hair dye stains to prevent further damage on your wall. Toothpaste won’t scrub out the stain, hot water might not do much to remove the stains, and sandpapering the area is a no-no. This will only damage the tiles of your bathroom.

What you can use are common chemicals found in your home to break down the dye from the stain. You don’t have to use stain removers that are designed specifically to remove hair dye off your walls. Below are great cleansing agents that will help lift the toughest stains:


Bleach is typically used to whiten clothing, remove stains and yes, eliminate hard-to-remove bathroom stains like hair dye. But because this chemical is very strong and corrosive, it might ruin the paint on your walls. When using bleach to remove stains from walls, dilute it with water. You can put the solution in a spray bottle, apply on the area you want to clean, and wipe the solution clean.


Vinegar is acidic and will break down the pigment in stains. You can use vinegar to scrub the hair dye stain clean. Just like bleach, just mix a part of vinegar with one part water. Put it in a spray bottle for easier application. Just spray the solution over the stain, let it sit for a minute or two, and then scrub the stain. Try not to mix vinegar with other chemicals, particularly bleach.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Yes, toilet bowl cleaners make an effective cleanser that will remove (and even disinfect) stains. Just apply a reasonable amount of the stuff on the stain and scrub away. Toilet bowl cleaners are great for removing stains because they contain chemicals that bleaches and fades stains. After gently scrubbing the stain, rinse the area with warm water.


If you love painting your nails then you might be familiar with acetone. Acetone is used to remove nail color and it works well to tone down hair dye off the walls. It won’t remove the stain completely but it will fade any stain for easier cleaning.


This stuff is used for treating cars. If you aren’t put off by its strong chemical smell, some people swear by WD40 for eliminating stains of all kinds off the walls.

Do note that there are cases wherein the stain cannot be removed by anything at all. If none of these methods worked to remove that hideous stain on your wall then it’s best to just paint over the whole thing. Just get some leftover paint and give the stain a good swipe; it’s easier and will save you the heartbreak of not being able to remove the stain at all using any of the cleansers mentioned above.

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