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How to Remove Graffiti on Any Surface

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Graffiti is notoriously hard to remove especially on porous surfaces. The good news is, there are many ways to remove unwanted drawings on any structure without having it professionally cleaned. The key to eliminating graffiti of any kind is to use a small amount of solvent. You want to apply pressure to the area so the surface is saturated with the solvent. Eventually, the paint will lift away.

The most important thing about removing graffiti is to protect the surface from repeated vandalism. Below are helpful tips to remove graffiti on any surface:

Stone surfaces

To remove graffiti on stone surfaces or bricks, saturate a paint brush with a paint remover. Brush the paint remover over the offending drawings then rinse the surface off with water. If the paint won’t budge, we recommend a gel paint remover. Apply a thin layer of the gel on the surface and leave it on for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with a pressure washer using hot water. If there are traces of the paint, you’d have to clean the surface a second time until the shadow disappears.

Metal Surfaces

With a soft cloth or a scrubby, apply a small amount of graffiti remover and scrub the area clean. Wash the site with water.


Graffiti could leave an unsightly stain on marble or granite surface. Because these surfaces are extremely delicate, do not try to remove the paint on a large area. Start with a small portion of the surface first. Apply a graffiti remover on a soft cloth and start scrubbing gently. If the solvent is only damaging the surface, stop immediately and seek professional advice.

Wood Surfaces

Two of the best ways to eliminate graffiti on wooden surfaces are power washing and painting over. You can try using a solvent to remove a small portion of the paint during testing. However, the solvent may contain harsh chemicals that will ruin the finish of the wood.

When painting over the site, use a color that closely match the original painting. This way, you don’t have to paint over the whole wall just to conceal a small drawing.

Vinyl or Plastic Surfaces

Pour a small amount of graffiti remover on a scrubby and lightly scrub the site clean. Rinse the site with water after.

WARNING: Do note that some plastic surfaces will break down as soon as a solvent is applied that’s why do bits of testing first. If you want to use a milder cleansing agent, we recommend using a household cleaner.  Never use paint thinners as the chemicals will wear off the plastic surface. These products could also cause clouding or permanent tackiness on the site.

You can also use a pressure washer to lift the paint away from the surface.

Glass Surfaces

Because glass is not porous, the paint won’t seep through the microscopic cracks so it’s easier to remove. Just get a razor blade and scrape off the paint. If the paint won’t come off completely, get an ultra-fine bronze wood, wet it with water and gently scrub off the remaining paint.


You can either power wash or soda blast the whole drawing off. You may also use graffiti remover on the site and scrub the drawing away.

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