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How to Redecorate the Bedroom to Showcase Your Personality

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Your personality manifests itself from the choices you make in life. It can also show through your taste in bedroom furniture. Whether you’re decorating your own bedroom for the first time or you’re simply looking to update your living space, these tips should help you create a space that truly expresses your own unique personality:


The right lighting can create a warm, inviting air to the room. You can use lamps to bring the design together. If you’re going for maximum impact, go for hanging bulbs and eye-catching lamps. These lighting options work as a focal point of the space. But if you want to take the creative route, you can choose kitschy lamps and dainty lights.

If you want to make a small room appear bigger than it really is, we recommend adding floor lamps on the dark corners of the room. When the lamps light up, the space will appear larger. Lamps with crisp lines and minimalist design are perfect for modern-style bedrooms. For traditional bedrooms, you can’t go wrong with chandeliers or multi-bulb lamps with ornate designs.

Color Palette

Your color scheme will pull the design together. If you choose the wrong color palette, there’s a real chance that the overall design will feel incoherent or “too busy.”

To avoid clashing, you can always go for neutral tones. Neutral tones are the most popular color palette because these colors go well with a variety of designs. Neutral tones are also extremely flexible. You can combine neutral colors with bold colors for a high-impact space.

But if you don’t want to go for the safer choice, then go bold with vibrant colors. Vibrant color scheme gives a space an energetic vibe. This color scheme is incredibly popular among artists because the bold colors are conducive for making art.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes truly add a ton of personality in a bedroom. Don’t be afraid to mix and match according to your favorite color, color scheme or patterns that reflect your personal style. Don’t limit the mixing and matching on drapes and curtains alone. You can also mix and match shams, duvet covers and pillowcases to customize your bedroom.

Use rugs to make the room warm and inviting. A faux fur rug adds a touch of elegance and playfulness on a space. Traditional Oriental rugs are perfect for classic-style bedrooms. For a modern twist, go for rugs in bold colors or graphic weaves!

Bedroom Furniture

As for bedroom furniture, you can combine classic and contemporary pieces to create a dynamic design. You can opt for understated furnishing with crisp lines for a modern bedroom. To give a traditional bedroom a funky twist, why not combine antique furnishing with modern furniture?

For those who love the quintessential shabby chic design, opt for wicker chairs, deep-colored throws and ornate stools and cushions. For larger bedrooms, you can add a storage bed on the foot of the bed, wing chairs, and even a coffee table to warm up the space. Don’t forget to highlight certain areas of the bedroom with quirky accessories to give the space a unique personality.

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