How to Measure Window Blinds, Shutters, and Shades Like a Pro

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Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Shutters, shades, and blinds work to regulate the level of natural light that comes in a room as well and pulls double duty as décor in a space. Regardless if you are installing the shutters or blinds yourself or you are getting it done professionally, a perfect fit is important when installing any of these window attachments. In today’s post, we are giving you step-by-step instructions on how to measure a window for shutters, blinds, or shades:

Learning All About Inside and Outside Mount

An inside mount is the opening of the window. You want to make sure the window has enough depth to accommodate the size of the shutters or shades you will install. The shutters must fit the required depth of the window inside, our outside.

When measuring the inside mount, list down the exact opening size of the window. Do not try to round off or deduct the measurement. This way, the shutters or blinds will fit your window perfectly. If you alter the size in any way, the mounted shutters will not fit or the will not work properly. In addition note that the inside mounted roller shades have a vertical light gap between the window frame and the shade by about ¾ inches on either side to accommodate the operating mechanism.

The same thing goes for the outside mount, you want to list down the exact width and height. From your measurements, the product will be made exactly according to the specific dimensions. When measuring the outside mount, include the additional height for the mounting brackets, which are up to 2 ½ inches tall. Add extra width to the sides, top, and bottom for added light blockage. Finally, take into consideration of the obstructions on the outside mount, such as the molding, deadbolts, doorknobs, etc. Some blinds have spacer blocks or extension brackets to clear any of these obstructions.

Inside Mount

Measuring for Width: To measure the width of the window, get your measuring tape and measure the inside edge of the window in three places: top, middle, and bottom. If you are getting customized shades, you can take the measurements to the nearest 1/8th inch, round down for width. Take the smallest of the 3 measurements.

Measuring for Height: To measure the height, measure the top and bottom of the window from the inside edge down to the window sill in three places. Make all measurements to the nearest 1/8th inch then round up for height. Take the largest of the three measurements; this is the height of your window mount.

Outside Mount

Measuring for Width: To measure the outside mount of the window, measure the exact width of the window frame left to right. Be sure to measure wide enough to cover the entire window and provide the maximum space for the light to pour in. Do not round off or deduct anything from the measurement.

Measuring for Height: To measure the height of the window, measure from top to bottom. The measurement should be high enough to cover the entire window and provide space for the maximum pouring of natural light. Again, do not round off or deduct anything from the measurement.

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