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How to Maximize a Cramped Dorm Space

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Dorms aren’t exactly known for offering lots of space. And for excited freshmen, a cramped dorm room could dampen their spirit. Before moving out of your parent’s home to live in a dorm, we recommend researching more about your college dorm room. Check the space each room provides and plan ahead. And to maximize what little space you have in a dorm room, consider these practical tips:

Sort Out Your Things

Try to restrain yourself from cramming all your home furniture into your bedroom. Make a checklist of all the essential things you have to bring so you don’t have to deal with clutter. Start the checklist with the usual items you need to survive your first year in college: computer, a desk lamp, outlet extension, your books and your clothes. Next, add the bed sheet, pillows, toiletries, etc.

As for furniture, talk to your roommate and hash out who should bring what. This way, you and your roommate don’t have to deal with duplicating appliances and furniture that will only reduce the space.

Invest on Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is a great way to maximize the space and improve the functionality of the room. A couch that converts into a bed is a great multi-purpose furniture, especially for very cramped dorm rooms. So are ottomans and futons. Most ottomans come with hidden storage space. You can store your books, DVDs and other things inside while it doubles as extra seating for guests.

Dealing with Clutter

Make it a point to clean your living space so clutter doesn’t accumulate. Start by putting your dirty clothes on the hamper, not all over the floor or on the bed. Once you’re done studying, make it a habit of cleaning your desk. Remove piles of paper and put your books where they belong. Try to keep hoarding at a minimum. This habit can easily eat away at what little free space you and your roommate have left.

Finally, don’t let your shoes, toiletries or accessories grow into a pile of mess. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your time organizing your shoes, storing your bath products, putting back accessories and jewelry in the right place.

Get More Storage Bins

Storage bins are an excellent solution for organizing your things. You can get a huge bin for your dirty clothes, several smaller bins for your shoes, toiletries, and personal care products and another for your jewelry and accessories. Our advice is to get stackable storage bins so you can easily stack them up to save more space.

Installing Wall Hooks and Mounts

Do not underestimate the power of removable wall hooks and mounts! These easy-to-install space savers can be used to set up shelves for books, a coat rack or keep your things organized. You can use these fixtures to hang picture frames and other decors too!

What’s great about removable wall hooks and mounts is that they do not cause damage to the wall plaster. You can install and remove the wall hooks and mounts in seconds without unsightly dents or cracks in their wake. Of course, make sure to check if installing removable wall hooks and mounts is allowed in the dorm.

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