How to Fix a Noisy Furnace

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Is your furnace making a racket every time it’s running? Like all things in life, furnaces break down. Every now and then, you have to check it to make sure it’s working properly. The good news is a noisy furnace is very easy to fix. Below are tips on how you can quiet down a noisy furnace:

Loud Banging Noise

Do you hear a loud boom every time you use your furnace? It could be caused by duct flexing to the change due to pressure. This can be corrected by identifying the weak spots in your furnace and then screwing a slightly thick piece of metal across the spot to give it support. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the banging sound you hear could be caused by malfunctioning ignition. This is common problem in most furnaces. However, this is also a serious issue that is best left to the professionals.

Incessant Whistling Sound

Does your furnace cause a whistling sound? If the whistling sound occurred recently, the problem could be nothing more than a dirty filter. The filter could be clogged, causing the fan to sick in air anywhere, even on tiny holes and this causes the whistling sound. Just check your furnace, take off the filter, and install a new one. Run your furnace and see if that solved the problem.

If it didn’t, the furnace might have gaps in the duct. Check the duct that connects the furnace to the blower and fill any hole with foil or duct tape. You can also use silicone to seal the gaps completely. Again, run the furnace to see if the problem has been solved.

If say, the whistling won’t stop unless you pop open the furnace door, the noise could be caused by ducts that are too small. The furnace is causing suction and it needs a greater flow of air to work properly.

Annoying Rattling, Vibrating Noise

If you hear a rattling, vibrating sound every time you run your furnace, check if the sound is caused by loose screws or by undone inner furnace fixture. If it is, you can solve the issue by adding more screws to any loose duct, duct-taping any undone inner furnace fixture, and using cork or rubber pads and wedging it underneath the space between the unit and the concrete wall to support the furnace and absorb the vibration.

Inexplicable Squeaking Sound

The usual cause of a squeaky furnace is a duct work that is wound up so tight to the ceiling. This can be resolved in three different ways. You can reinforce the duct work so the squeaking stops, rehang the duct work, or replace the duct work with “thermo-Pan.”

Furnaces make different noises. Most of these problems are rooted in the duct work and these are very easy to fix. Other times, furnaces make noises because of mechanical problems — during these cases, do not attempt to disassemble the furnace on your own and get a repairman to identify and fix the problem for you. While it may be slightly inconvenient for some, it’s important that you do not ignore any noise you hear from your furnace. Ignoring could lead to accidents like a house fire.

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