How to Estimate the Number of Tiles You Need in a Project

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Estimating how many tiles you need in a room is important because you don’t want to waste money on one too many tiles. Although there are several computer programs and mobile apps you can use to calculate how many boxes of tiles to get, you can get the figures without using these tools. It’s a surprisingly simple method too! In today’s post, we are dishing out an effective way to estimate how many tiles you’ll need for a certain room.

For Estimating Floor Tiles

Step 1: Measure the Room

You want to get an accurate measure of the room by square feet. Start by multiplying the length of the room by its width. For instance, if the space is 10 feet by 10 feet (while adding 5% extra tiles to replace broken or damaged tiles), the formula goes like this: 10 x 15 = 150 square feet.

Now, if the total square feet of the space is 150, then simply multiply it by .05. It should go like this: 150 x .05 = .5. Finally, add the two totals: 150 +7.5 and you’ll get 157.5. This means you need 157.5 square feet of tiles to cover the entire space.

Step 2: Checking the Tile Box Content

If say, you’ve already set your sights on a specific tile then you need to check the tile box. From here, you will get an idea how many square feet a single carton of tiles can cover. Now, divide your total number of square feet to cover by the number on the carton.

For example, if a single carton can cover 10 square feet of tiles, divide 157.5 by 10. The formula should go like this: 157.5 / 10 = 15.75. Now round up 15.75 to 16. This means you need 16 boxes of tiles to cover 157.5 square feet of space.

For Estimating Wall Tiles

Step 1: Measure the Dimensions of the Wall

Start by measuring the length of the wall by the height of the wall that needs tiling. If say, the wall is 10 feet long and you want a 5 feet high tile, then multiply 10 by 5. The formula goes like this: 10 x 5 = 50. Then, subtract the areas for any openings on the wall such as door or windows.

If the wall has 2 x 3 feet window, multiply 2 by 3 like this: 2 x 3 =6. Now subtract 5 from the total tiles you need for the wall like this: 50 – 6 = 44. This means, the entire wall is around 44 square feet. Now, add 5% extra tiles to replace broken or damaged tiles to the total like this: .05 x 44 = 2.2. Then, add the two totals: 2.2 + 44 and you get: 46.2. This means the total square feet of the wall is 46.2.

Step 2: Checking the Tile Box Content

Now, check the box of tiles again to check how many square feet one box can cover. If say, a carton can cover 10 feet of square feet, divide 46.2 by 10 and you will get 4.62. The formula goes like this: 46.2/10=4.62. This means you’ll need to get 5 cartons of tiles to cover the entire wall.

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