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How to Create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

You can transform your unused backyard into the outdoor space of your dreams. With a little imagination and a lot of planning, you can create a warm, inviting living space in and around the home. In today’s post, we are giving you helpful tips on how to create a fantastic outdoor space:

Getting Inspired

Creating a gorgeous living space starts with an inspiration. If you want to create a stylish outdoor space, we recommend checking for garden photos online and through lifestyle magazines. You can give your fresh take to classic designs.

Once you’ve decided on a specific design, you want to survey the area you want to re-design. The area should provide enough room for your design ideas! Take note of the limitations of the setting and determine the best materials for the area.

Developing a Theme

You can’t just throw in a couple of patio furnishing and call it a day. To create an outdoor oasis, you have to be organized about the look you hope to achieve. So stick to a theme, it will create a distinct sense of place.

Ensure that the place offers some level of privacy. You don’t want uninvited guests suddenly emerging from the bushes! You can use tall plants, evergreens and hedges to keep the area private. You can also add a small gazebo for protected dining.

You’ll enjoy your outdoor space more if it has lots of shady spots. You can use trees, umbrellas and arbors with plants as protection from the sun. You can also use retractable awnings or pergolas to create shady spots.

Adding Furniture

Wooden furniture, wrought-iron or cast-iron furnishing are the classic choices for outdoor spaces. You can also use waterproof patio furniture to dress up your outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fabrics and non-traditional furnishing. You can use cushions, pillows and candles as colorful décor to balance a neutral color scheme. Follow-up with stylish lighting solutions so you don’t trip all over yourself in the dark. You can add ornamental décor that doubles as lamps. You can use tiki lamps or DIY mason jar lights too.

The Focal Point

You want to draw the eyes to the main area of your outdoor space. If you want to attract attention to a certain area, do so by adding well-chosen decors. A colorful ornament, a cozy couch or a topiary could serve as strong focal point to your setting.

Finishing Up with Practical Amenities

To “pull” the whole design together, you want to decorate with smart accessories. Don’t just focus on aesthetics, choose decors that are beautiful to look at but are useful too. For example, candles with colorful containers make a great tabletop décor. Choose citronella scented candles tom keep mosquitos away! Or, you can add a fireplace and colorful cushions all around.

Adding a small water fountain also creates a relaxing, soothing ambiance. You can also add water-proof or weather-proof accents. Decorative plates, wrought-iron decors, pillows in weatherproof fabrics, all these work as accent to your living space.

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