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How to Create a Safe, Secured Home

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Your home is your haven that is why it is critical that your haven is safe and secure. Security is one of the most important factors you need to consider so be open to the idea of improving the security of your home whenever you can. In today’s post, we are listing down ways to help you create a safe, secure home for you and your family:

Installing Deadbolts

Most intruders tend to target homes with very lax security. An unlocked door is practically an invitation to burglars!

Deadbolts are your first line of defense against intruders so make sure each door has two sets of deadbolts installed. Even better, you can get those hi-tech deadbolts that are activated using an app. This way, you can activate the deadbolts remotely. That means you can open and close the deadbolts from any place around the globe. As an added layer of protection, teach your kids about the dangers of talking and letting in strangers into the home.

Get a Motion-Sensor Doorbell

Why stop at getting an old-fashioned doorbell, when you can install a doorbell fitted with a motion sensor, two-way speaker, and a view camera? This way, you can always check who’s at the door. The camera will also serve as your surveillance camera, taking shots of every person who enter your home. This feature is extremely important, especially in dangerous neighborhoods. A hi-tech doorbell will also discourage would-be burglars from targeting your home. Again, some doorbells can be paired with an app so you can activate it wherever, whenever.

Security Lighting

Intruders will try to conceal themselves from the view of a surveillance camera by hiding at dark spots in your property. Adding lights to these dark spots will make it hard for intruders to hide. Usually, adding lampposts are enough to stave off burglars. However, bold criminals will try to deactivate the light in any means possible. To avoid this, we recommend installing motion-sensor security lights.

Boosting Your Security Frameworks

Adding security equipment all over your property is one way to improve your home’s security frameworks. These equipment include surveillance cameras, security lights, motion-activated CCTVs, etc. Install all these security tools inside and outside your property for good measure. Even better, coordinate these security features with a phone app so you can control them on the go!

Again, if a home is secured, it will discourage intruders from breaking and entering it. But for the unlucky few whose home burglarized despite the tight security, the security camera will take shots of the intruders. These videos and shots will help the police find the perpetrators.

Installing Smoke Alarms

Apart from intruders, you should protect your property from fire too. You can do that by installing smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can detect combustion and warn the family of a fire. Pair the smoke alarm with sprinklers to control the damage caused by a fire. Always practice safety drills with the whole family in case of an emergency.

Regular Repairs

To protect your home from fire and other accidents, keep your electrical wiring in check. If the system needs repair, hire a professional immediately. Unless you are a qualified electrician, we strongly discourage you from making repairs yourself.

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