How to Clean a Microwave

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cleaning the kitchen is often described as one of the most burdensome housecleaning tasks exceeded only by that of cleaning the bathroom. While most people are fairly proficient at cleaning kitchen counter surfaces, and sinks, when it comes to cleaning the microwave, they’re at a loss. Something about cleaning this fast cooking little appliance leaves most people feeling intimidated. If you’re a bit confused about how to clean a microwave, here are some pointers.

Clean a microwave step one: Remove superficial debris

If you use your microwave a lot, the interior probably has crumbs of various types on the glass turntable as well as underneath. The quickest way to eliminate these is to vacuum out the crumbs with your vacuum cleaner. Once you’re free of crumbs, you’re ready to start cleaning.

Clean a microwave step two: Loosen up food stuck to the sides and glass plate.

If your microwave gets a workout, chances are there’s dried food attached to the sides of the microwave as well as the turntable. Instead of making your arm sore trying to scrape away the debris, place a bowl of water with a few drops of lemon juice on the glass turntable and allow the microwave to run on high for a minute and a half. This will soften those hardened crusts of food and make removal easy.

Clean a microwave step three: Clean the interior.

Now that you’ve softened up any encrusted food inside, you should be able to easily wipe it away with a soft sponge and a cleaning product. While some sources recommend using a multi-purpose cleaner for this purpose, it’s best to pick an organic, food safe based cleaner for the inside surfaces of your microwave. If you use a product with toxic chemical components for interior cleaning, it could contaminate your food the next time you turn on your microwave. Play it safe and go organic or try a vinegar and water solution you make at home. Apply the cleaning solution with a slightly damp sponge and wipe away any excess that remains before using the microwave. It’s also wise to leave the door open to allow any fumes to dissipate after cleaning.

Clean a microwave step four: Clean the exterior.

This is the easy part. Clean the outer surface of your microwave using a glass cleaner, preferably an organic one. This will keep the exterior shiny and bright. Finish by buffing with a towel.

Your microwave is now clean and ready to heat your next culinary creation. That wasn’t so hard now was it?

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