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How to Choose the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The color of your roof matters because it can affect the overall design of your home. The right roof color also helps blend in within the neighborhood; if that’s something you are concerned about.

That said, selecting the right roof color is tricky because there are many things you have to consider first. In today’s post, we are listing down tips to help you select the best roof color for your home:

Paint Quality

One of the most important factors to consider when painting the roof is the quality of the paint. Remember, the roof is exposed to the elements so you need paint that will provide ample protection from the climate. You want paint made with a special resin that blocks UV rays so the color remains vivid for years! A special UV coating will also delay fading, peeling, corrosion, rust, and water damage. It helps if the paint can protect the roof from mildew and moisture too.

Monochromatic Color

Another thing to consider when choosing the right roof color for your home is the design of the structure itself. You want to choose a color that will complement the elements of your home’s exterior design. Generally, go for colors that already exist in your home color scheme. This will give your home a balanced, more unified look. You can check for color samples prior to choosing a color. A monochromatic color scheme conveys a sophisticated look and feel to a space.

Adding Contrasts

If say, you are going for drama, choose a contrasting color. Contrasting color refer to the opposite colors scheme used in a space. You’ll have to check the color wheel to see the opposite color of your home’s color theme. For instance, the contrasting color of orange is blue. Meanwhile, green’s contrasting color is red, and so on. Contrasting colors will give an air of élan to a living space.

Bare Metal Colors

If you’re going for very modern, sleek roof colors then we recommend bare metal colors. Using untreated aluminum, copper, galvanized steel or zinc metal alloy helps create an ultra-modern look to the structure. Metal colors will also give your home a unique, distinct look.

Light VS Dark Roof Colors

Colors are important because the roof is exposed to the elements. Dark colors give more drama but will absorb more heat. That’s why wearing dark clothing is uncomfortable during the summer season. A dark roof will make a tall room look overwhelming too. Conversely, light colors will draw heat away from the structure. Light roof colors will also make the structure appear taller than it really is. However, stains, rust, and other damages are more obvious when using lighter roof colors.

Blending In

If you’d rather blend in with the neighborhood rather than stand out, then check the color trends in your neighborhood. This is purely for aesthetics. Walk around the neighborhood and see if you can sense unwritten rules for roof colors. From here, you can base your decision on what color to get depending on the color choices of your neighbors.

Energy Efficiency

Roof color can help create an energy-efficient home. According to Energy Star, a white metal roof will keep your home cool up to 60 degrees as opposed to dark roof colors. If you live in hot, humid climate, your best bet is light color roofs. But if you live areas where it gets very cold, go for a dark-colored roof. Dark colors will trap more heat into a space, keeping the house nice and warm even in the bitterest of winters.

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