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How to Choose the Right Desk Lamp for You

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A desk lamp serves two purposes: it provides localized light where it’s needed and it serves as a décor too. But not all desk lamps are created equal. If you’re getting a desk lamp, know that there could be hundreds of different styles, sizes and colors to choose from! To narrow down your search, we are listing down the important factors you need to consider to get the right lamp for your needs:

What Purpose would the Desk Lamp Serve?

Why do you need a desk lamp to begin with? Desk lamps are made for specific purposes. Some are designed for writing, reading or cooking. Other desk lamps are meant for shaving, putting on makeup or craft work.

Task lamps are desk lamps designed for one purpose. These lamps feature portable, compact designs with cord and a plug. Lamps made for reading, writing or using the computer feature stronger light, adjustable neck and larger bulbs. Desk lamps for shaving or putting on makeup usually have an adjustable neck and concentrated light.

What Functionality do You Need?

Are you using the lamp as decoration in the living room or as a functional lamp for your mini office? Usually, decorative desk lamps emit dimmer light than lamps used for writing or using the computer. Also, if the lamp is used as a décor, the light shouldn’t be bright enough that it’s competing with the TV.

If say, you are getting a lamp for the kids, you want a sturdy lamp made from thick plastic. Decorative lamps look great in the kids’ room, but they are not as durable as those made specifically for rough handling. The last thing you want is for the kids to accidentally knock over that delicate lamp and it shatters on the floor into a million pieces. The general rule of thumb is to choose durable desk lamps if you have kids or pets.

Halogen or LED?

Halogen is a type of bulb used in most types of desk lamps. It produces light through a combination of chemical reactions between halogen gas and tungsten filament. The result is a highly luminous light that serve many purposes. Although halogen bulbs have their benefits, they are not energy-efficient. In fact, this type of bulb sucks the same level of energy as an incandescent bulb.

If you want an energy-efficient lamp, go for LED desk lamps. They might be more expensive than lamps with halogen bulb, but they will save you more money on your utility bills in the future. You see, LED bulbs are 90% more energy-efficient than a halogen bulb. That translates to lower energy consumption. These days, LED lamps produce the same level of luminosity as a regular halogen bulb.

Considering the Space

If the desk lamp will be used in a large space, then opt for larger desk lamps. This way, the bulb is powerful enough to generate the right amount of light. But if the space is not as large, choose a more compact design. The same thing applies for decorative desk lamps.

The Level of Light You Need

How much light do you need for a specific area? Some people are more sensitive to glare so choose a lamp that generate the right amount of light. Glare can strain the eyes, especially among seniors. It’s not wise to choose a desk lamp that’s very bright if you want to do bits of reading at night. Essentially, your choice boils down to your sensitivity to glare. If you are comfortable at a certain level of luminosity, stick to it.

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