How to Choose the Best Interior Decorator

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Developing the home of your dreams start at hiring the right people for the job. And to maximize your investments, you want to hire a qualified interior decorator that specializes in the look you want. To help you find the best interior decorator, consider these tips:

Know What You Want

You simply cannot expect an interior designer to know everything. An interior decorator will only strive to execute the kind of effect you envision. To achieve the interior style you want, you need to know your own personal style. You can do that by looking at different interior designs via the internet, TV, or magazines. Explore different styles and find out which one reflects your personal taste. You can also sign up for model home tours to determine what style suits your personality. Go for homes that are designed by local interior designers. This way, you can check the taste, ability, and techniques of local talents.

Calculating Your Budget

Once you have set your heart on a specific design, start working your budget around it. Before meeting an interior designer, you should know exactly what look to achieve in what spaces, how much money you can afford to spend, and what you hope to accomplish with a specific price range. Of course, it is equally important to hire an interior decorator who can work with your set budget.

Selecting Interior Designers

Once you have a specific design in mind and you have sorted out your budget, it is now time to start choosing the best person for the job. Start by looking at local interior decorators in your local area or ask for referrals. List down all the decorators that made it to the cut and call each one to schedule a meeting.

Interviewing Prospective Designers

Conduct an interview in person or via phone. Always ask for samples of their work. Every decorator has a portfolio of past projects so make sure you get all information related to their body of work.  Describe your ideal design and see which decorator is a great match. Get an estimate of the professional fee, project length, etc. Finally, ask for references to learn more about the interior decorator’s style, management style, and personality.

Clarifying the Billing Process

During the selection period, make sure to clarify the billing process early on. This way, there will be no confusion once it is time to pay the designer. During the interview phase, learn when you will be charged and for what purpose. Most interior designers will charge their clients for the travel time, site visits, shopping, and even phone conversations. You will pay for all the materials used to design the space, including the furnishings, accents, and other items. Ask the designer to break down every charge.  To save cash, you can always ask for a discount.

Planning Stages

Finally, if you hired an interior designer, you want to involve him or her early in the building process, regardless if you are remodeling your space or building a home from scratch. Get your contractor, architect and interior designer in one room to brainstorm and develop the design plan.

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