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How to Choose a Trusted Locksmith

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According to the Consumer Federation of America, locksmith scams are so prevalent that the organization has been flooded with consumer complaints every year. For the security and safety of your home, it’s important to choose a trusted locksmith. Don’t be a victim — safeguard your home against crooks passing themselves off as locksmiths. Below are tips on how you can find trustworthy locksmiths:

Find a Legitimate Locksmith Service

If you have a choice, go for service providers that have been in the business for decades, as opposed to hiring the service of a new service provider. The prices that new locksmith companies offer may be tempting but scammers tend to change their names every couple of years to steer clear of past customer complaints. There’s no way to tell if a new locksmith business could be trusted and is legitimate unless you do your own digging.

Apart from judging locksmith services based on the years they’ve been in the business, you can research more about these companies online. We recommend scouring the net looking for reviews from past customers. However, take these reviews with a grain of salt. One bad review shouldn’t serve as a deal breaker.

Insist on a Licensed Locksmith

Say you chose a locksmith company and you’re ready to ask questions and inquire about their service. Be sure to ask for a locksmith with the right certification. If a dispatcher tries to claim that all their locksmiths are licensed but refuses to show proof of this claim or he is trying to talk you out of your request then be wary. A licensed locksmith should be able to present the right documents to you — no questions asked.

Asking for a Ballpark Price

It would be great to get a reasonable price on a locksmith service but if the offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Most scammers will lure homeowners into taking their service by offering what seemed like a great deal. The unsuspecting victim will sign up for the service and the next thing you know, the victim will be spending more trying to repair the crappy service he got.

So ask for an estimate and if the price is much, much lower than average prices on that service, there’s a good chance that this locksmith would pressure you into taking other types of services to boost the rates.

Checking the Locksmith Vehicle and License

When you agree to take the service of a locksmith, check the vehicle once they arrive at your home. The vehicle should feature the logo of the locksmith company complete with emergency numbers and other identifications. Ask them to present their license. A professional locksmith shouldn’t have problems showing you their license.

Once the locksmith surveys your home and is done inspecting the locks, ask them to confirm the agreed price for the service.  If they mention a different price or the numbers just don’t add up and you’re not satisfied with the explanation given to you then consider cancelling the service and moving on to another locksmith company.

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