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How to Buy the Right Mattress for You

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Do you wake up with lower back pain or is your mattress starting to droop? Looks like you need to replace your old mattress. Ideally, mattresses should be replaced every 8 years. The right mattress should provide ample support with no pressure, like floating on air. Unsure which mattress to get for your needs? Consider these tips:

Researching and Your Budget Plan

How much are willing to spend on a mattress? An excellent mattress is not cheap; expect it to be a major purchase. That said, you can save more if you avoid the extra accessories. Mattress stores are notorious for pushing add-ons on top of the mattress for extra profit. These add-ons include extended warranties, bed frames or mattress covers. If you don’t need any of these, then be clear about it.

Before trying out the mattress in stores, go online and start comparing mattresses from brand to brand. Don’t focus too much on model or line names and focus on the mattress type and brand. Do note that prices and add-ons will vary from store to store so comparing rates is essential in your search!

To save more without sacrificing quality, go for sale items. List down the model numbers and brand. Take the list with you once you’re ready to visit the stores in person and see if they have these in stock. From there, you can test the mattress for yourself.

Understanding the Types of Mattresses to Consider

Mattresses come in various sizes, prices and materials. Below are the most basic types of mattresses to expect during your search:

Memory-Foam Mattress

This type of mattress is made from dense foam that “conforms” to your unique body shape. The material spreads the pressure of your body evenly on the surface. Although memory foam mattresses are marketed towards those with back problem, it’s not ideal for those who prefer solid support. Also, the foam insulates heat effectively so it can get very warm.

Spring Mattress

A popular model, spring mattress is made with metal springs covered by thick foam. This is a great choice for those who prefer a firm, solid support. However, because the spring can break down from constant use, you’ll have to replace the mattress once it starts drooping. Also, spring mattress is one of the priciest types of mattresses in the market.

Foam Mattress

Do you prefer soft or plush mattress? Then you’ll love foam mattresses. As the name implies, foam mattresses are made from foam and zero springs.

Work Your Way Up to Down

Don’t let the price of the mattress be the deciding factor into what model or brand to get. Once you are ready to compare mattresses in person, visit several stores. Let the sales person pull out several models according to your preference or your research.

Don’t hesitate to get out there and lie on the mattress. You want to get a feel of the product before making a deal. Check if the firmness is enough that you are comfortable without affecting the back. Start from high-end brands then works your way down to affordable options to see how each product differs from one another. From there, you can make a decision based on two things: your comfort level and your budget.


Once you’ve decided on a specific model, don’t be afraid to haggle to squeeze out the best possible deal out of the salesperson.

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